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Bianca Chatfield - TIME TO GET FIT!

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Posted by Bianca Chatfield on 15 January 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed a nice break, some family time and the summer weather… although in Melbourne it doesn’t seem to last longer than a few days!

I love the warm weather, it makes it so much easier to get outside and train. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned exerciser or ready to get started.

Exercise is great for your health, but also for your head!

It’s amazing how much better I feel after being outside for a walk, run or even my favourite thing at the moment…. Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

The Mother’s Day Classic is only 4 months away, and it’s the perfect time to get outside. Whether it’s something that you want to do with a group of friends before your usual coffee catch ups or before or after work: just pick the best time for you and lock it in your schedule so it becomes a priority!

Depending on your fitness level, it’s as easy as committing to a 20-30 minute walk every second day, and then you can start to build it up over the next few weeks.

If you’re a runner and going to tackle the 10km run at the Mother’s Day Classic then summer is the perfect time to start adding some extra kilometres to your usual routine.

I’ll definitely be training at some of my favourite places over the next few weeks for some extra outdoor sessions…. Lots of walks around the Tan in Melbourne, a few running sessions up a nasty set of stairs down at Somers Beach and not to forget to mention my main job and that’s pre-season with the Melbourne Vixens girls….

Time to get fit! 

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