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Fundraising is a Rewarding Experience for Samantha Gash and her mum

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Posted by Samantha Gash on 18 December 2014

Late this year I ran off road across South Africa, from Pietermaritzburg to Paarl – just outside of Cape Town. I ran with a 52-year-old lady from the UK who only began running in her 30s. We wanted our run to make a positive impact to the lives of women in rural villages in South Africa, so we chose to collaborate with Save the Children to do this.

After 2 years of hard work, which included training, fundraising and preparing all of the logistics – we anxiously began the run on September 24th. 32 days later we had run 1968kms side by side.  Another couple of months later we raised just  over $53,000 for a female focused initiative relating to education and feminine hygiene. It was a challenge far greater than anything I had ever done before and it would be fair to say that the fundraising and logistical preparation was harder than the run itself.  Despite all of this, it was the most rewarding experience of my life.

One of the most significant highlights from the trip was when my Mum joined our team for two days during the expedition charity run.  Whilst she spent most of the time in the support vehicle, giving me plenty of cheers and smiles, we walked together arm in arm up a couple of the hills – these were priceless moments that I will never forget.

Based on this experience, I decided it would be a great idea if Mum and I could do the Mother’s Day Classic together in 2015. Although my wonderful Mum loves the outdoors, she is not a runner, has had a hip replacement on both hips and my family fondly call her the porcelain lady. I knew my proposition would make her anxious and somewhat terrified, so I was over the moon when she agreed on the basis that I would help her get ready for it.

And here we have the benefit of time. The Mother’s Day Classic occurs nationally on Sunday 10th of May, this gives plenty of opportunity for daughters (or sons) all over Australia to rally their mums to take part in this amazing community based event, that supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  It is an incredible opportunity to lock away some mother- daughter/son time to go for walks or runs whilst discussing ways you can do some fundraising together.

I’ve always thought that the success of these events on a fundraising perspective is not on the basis of a couple individuals raising masses of money, rather the masses each doing their small part.

What is terrific about the  Mother’s Day Classic events is that they are national, you can walk or run and most events across the country have two distances around the  4 and 8km mark… whatever works for you!!

There is no better time than the Christmas period to chat about physical goals that also make a difference.

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