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Posted by Samantha Gash on 15 January 2015

It is a new year, one where we like to press the reset button and start a fresh. My approach has always been to see each year as a building block upon the other and feel grateful for all of the good and not so good experiences that have gotten me to this point.

December is a time for celebration, which means we tend to eat a little more, drink a tad more and move a little less. Now that we are well and truly into January and there is daylight till 8:30pm being outdoors and kick starting your training is feasible and appealing.

You may be saying that’s easier said than done! I am the first to admit that sometimes getting started is the hardest part, as is the part just after you get started. So here are a couple of tips to help you with your training.

1.  Keep hydrated during the day and take your water bottle (with electrolytes) with you during exercise

Keeping hydrated is always important, but once the warmer months begin you can’t get away with big gaps between your H20 consumption. It’s a wise idea to keep a jug of water by your desk at work so you can monitor how much you go through during the day.

When you exercise it is important to put some electrolytes in your water to replace the electrolytes you lose through sweating. Electrolyte lose will vary between people so it is good to listen to your body and consume accordingly. Signs of excessive lose may be nausea, a headache, feeling thirsty and muscle cramps.  

2.  If you are starting from scratch gradually build up your distance and don’t be afraid to add in walking sections.

There is plenty of time before the Mother’s Day Classic events, so despite your eagerness to launch into your training program play it smart and be consistent. There are Parkruns all around Australia, every weekend, that provide a great opportunity to walk, jog or run a 5k distance in a friendly and supportive environment.

3.  Cross train to develop strength and prevent injuries.

Just because you are training for a running event doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be incorporating other activities, in fact it can make you a stronger, faster and happier runner. My personal favourite cross-training activities are hot yoga, circuit training and this year I have a goal to learn how to ride a mountain bike.

4. Get professionally fitted for a pair of running shoes

Running shoes are a personal choice but getting someone experienced to take you through a variety of shoes and even get you on a treadmill to test them out is super important. Don’t let your shoe choice get in the way of your goal!

5.  Run in places that make you feel excited to be outdoors

This is a big one for me. I have a couple of routes right near my house that get my toes twitching when it is home time. Despite being tired after a days work, I know once I have my shoes on and I am on those paths I will be in a good place.

Good Luck!

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