Event Date: Sunday 14 May 2017

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Are you prepared for the big day?

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Posted by The Athlete's Foot on 5 May 2017

The Mother’s Day Classic is fast approaching, so make sure you’re prepared for the big day with the below tips for an enjoyable day out!

What to bring?

Be as prepared as possible so you feel ready once you're at the event. Ensure you have comfortable shoes that you have run in before the race (visit your local The Athlete's Foot store to find the best shoes for you), wear clothes you like to run in and support The Breast Cancer Foundation by making sure they're PINK, don't forget your race bib and a small snack/drink to have before the race starts so you don't start on an empty stomach. You might also want to bring a spare change of clothes for after the race and some money for anything you want to purchase (including your lift home!)

Will MDC be a family outing?

If you are bringing the whole family along to the Mother’s Day Classic then best to be prepared. Just like any other big day out with the crew, you should pack some food and drinks, extra clothing in case it gets cold, and some form of entertainment to keep them occupied. It can turn into a long day for spectators so try to make it fun for everyone so they come along and support you next year too! If the kids are doing the run as well, make sure they have everything they need, such as a hat, comfortable clothes and snacks, so you can all have a great morning.

Did you sign up last minute?

  • Don't put pressure on yourself - just enjoy the run!
  • Don't go overboard with the training - you want to make it to the day without any injury
  • Find some friends to run for motivation and cheer factor during the run
  • Get your PINK kit ready!!

Why should you do the Mother’s Day Classic?

If you're still contemplating on whether to sign up, here are just some of the reasons you should:

  • Having a race in the calendar is the best way to get motivated to train
  • Accomplishing a new challenge makes you feel great
  • Helping a charity is a worthwhile way to spend your day

Trust us – you will have fun along the course and feel great at the finish line!

Remember to visit The Athlete’s Foot to find your perfect fit. Find your local store here.

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