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"NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – just be enthusiastic, prepared and organised"

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Posted by Mother's Day Classic on 12 February 2016


“NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – just be enthusiastic, prepared and organised”

Great advice from Rae Graham, who helped start up an MDC event in Wangaratta, Victoria 2 years ago and have big ambitions to grow the event.

With a population of around 20,000, the high country didn’t have a Mother’s Day Classic and the nearest event was up the highway in Albury-Wodonga on the border of NSW.

Rae’s goal this year is to reach 1,000 participants (1 in 20 residents) and raise $25,000 – a big jump from the already fantastic $16,000 raised in 2015.

For Rae the motivation was obvious, “if not me, then who? I know there’s many women in Wangaratta with breast cancer and I thought something should be done.”

Her starting point in 2014 was to hold a ladies night which raised $3,000 and helped fund that year’s MDC. Rae recommends holding this type of event to help find enthusiastic supporters and sponsors. 80 women can along to the first, and 180 came last year raising “$5,000 and helped identify more volunteers for the organizing committee.

“I tell people that making sure Wangaratta has an MDC is something big and if they get involved and make it happen, it will be part of the legacy they leave their home town.”

Rae’s top tips for starting your own MDC

  1. Put the call out. “My first step was to put the message out on Facebook to friends and family that we were looking to start an event, and word quickly spread around town. It’s also important to get local media involved, as they can help spread the word and draw out sponsors and volunteers.”
  2. Put a great team in place. They don’t need any background in event management, they just need to support the cause. “We have 10 people on our Wangaratta MDC committee and we make sure all the jobs are delegated so the load is shared.”
  3. Take the help that’s offered – including from the Mother’s Day Classic national team. “MDC provides us with a huge amount of information, templates and resources so that our local organising committee can get an event up and running - everything from how to approach local media, template letters for getting permits from the council and how to order banners and supplies. It’s so much easier following what they send to a ‘t’.”
  4. Get the local community involved. “Talk to school and community groups, ask local businesses to sponsor, you’ll find there is a lot of goodwill out there for the event that makes it less scary to ask for sponsorship. Make the event visible to your local community – one of our ladies sits out the front of Woolies leading up to the event and registers people to participate!”

If you want to bring MDC to your home town, email and we’ll talk you through everything you need to know. We can also put you in touch with Rae, who has also offered to help any budding MDC organisers.

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