Event Date: Sunday 14 May 2017

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MDC 2014.DJ 718 Melbourne

Posted by Mother's Day Classic on 29 April 2015

Congratulations to everyone who has registered for the 2015 Mother's Day Classic. This year to be environmentally friendly we have created electronic participation booklets. Included in these participation booklets are event details, timings, maps and  helpful tips and hints for on the day. Please find below specific links to all major events. Many thanks for your support.

Adelaide participant information booklet

Ballarat participant information booklet

Brisbane participant information booklet

Canberra participant information booklet

Darwin participant information booklet

Geelong participant information booklet

Gold Coast participant information booklet

Hobart participant information booklet

Melbourne participant information booklet

Perth participant information booklet

Sydney participant information booklet

Western Sydney participant information booklet


Please note that regional events do not have participant information booklets. Please refer to specific event pages for further information on regional events

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