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Posted by Mother's Day Classic on 16 December 2016

It is with much sadness that the Mother’s Day Classic family reports the death of Danni Cookesley, following a lengthy illness.

Danni’s commitment to improving breast cancer research had its beginning when her lovely mother Karen was diagnosed and there is no doubt that her contribution has been significant. Her involvement began as the Victorian Regional Executive for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in 2005. There she led the way in community and corporate fundraising, bringing an infectious enthusiasm to the role which inspired everyone around her to greater efforts.

In 2012, she joined the Mother’s Day Classic family as Marketing and Communications Manager. The same impact was felt by all; her deep commitment to the cause, her genuine, kind approach to all that she met and that endearingly cheeky persuasive personality that had colleagues and volunteers alike putty in her hands. Many a volunteer who was convinced that they really didn’t have time to do any more, would find themselves standing somewhat bewildered at times, making just one more speech, selling merchandise during morning rush at a railway station or setting up showbags for a fundraising event!

Danni will be missed by many. We, who were lucky enough to have been touched directly by her, will remember that irrepressible smile, that wicked chuckle, the cry of ‘hello Love!’ as well as the warmth and compassion that she brought to every situation.

Earlier this year when the world mourned another superstar who left us far too soon, it was said that if you're ever sad, just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as Danni Cookesley - and better still, she called you a friend.

Much love goes to the three most important beings in Danni’s life – to Craig, Jack and Leo – her reason for living and her inspiration. 

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