Event Date: Sunday 14 May 2017

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The Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic is looking for passionate & committed volunteers to bring together a committee and host a Mother’s Day Classic in their local community in 2017. It only needs a few likeminded people to make an enormous difference - no location is too remote or too small; as long as you share the enthusiasm and desire to help cure breast cancer. So, if there’s no event in your town why not set one up? Whether it’s 40 people or 40,000, every MDC raises funds for breast cancer research, supports and remembers those touched by breast cancer and starts Mother’s Day in a fun and healthy way. You have until March 2017 to get an application in to apply to stage a walk and/or run in your town. 

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Regional participants please note

Regional events are run by fabulous volunteers who nominate to organise a Mother's Day Classic in their town. If you don't see your town below why not think about organising an event in your town for next year?

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