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MDC funded projects

New South Wales

Name Project Title
Prof. Des Richardson Developing new medicatopns for treating advanced cancer.
Prof. Sandra O'Toole How to identify the best treatments for breast cancer patients.
A/Prof Janette Vardy Understanding life after breast cancer.
Prof. Patrick Brennan Improving the detection of breast cancer with 3D technology.
A/Prof. Louis Rendina New drugs for the treatment of advanced breast cancer.
Dr. Alexander Swarbrick Predicting how breast cancers respond to chemotherapy.
Dr. Belinda Thewes The fertility and menopause-related information needs of younger women with a diagnosis of breast cancer.
Dr. Carolyn Scott Role of a soluble receptor in regulating proliferation in breast cancer.
Ms Kathryn Skelton Viral oncolysis of human breast cancer.
Prof. Sharon Kilbreath Prevention of esteporosis as a consequence of hormone treatment in postmenopausal women treated for breast cancer.
Prof. Sharon Kilbreath Physical well-being for women with metastatic breast cancer.
Prof. Patrick Brennan Breast tomosyntheses: novel detection of breast cancer.
A/Prof. Chris Ormandy Development of a novel human-in-mouse model for breast cancer studies: improving personalised therapies, cancer progression and novel target discovery.
A/Prof. Louis Rendina A unique class of tumour-specific drugs for the treatment of advanced metastatic breast cancer.
Dr. Alexander Swarbrick

A genome-wide analysis of the role for micro-RNAs in breast cancer chemo-sensitivity.


Name Project Title
Dr Kara Britt Why does pregnancy provide protection?
Dr Kristy Brown What effect does obesity have on breast cancer?
Dr Brigit Lynch Examining links between exercise and breast cancer risk.
Ms Carolyn Nickson Modelling the impact of targeted changes to screening intervals in Australian breast-screening programs.
Ms Rosetta Manaszewicz Enhancing individual autonomy in breast cancer information provision: the role of 'personal outcomes' in the selection, use and quality evaluation of information.
Dr. John Price The role of HSF-1 and the bone microenvironment in the enhancement of bone metastasis by the HSP90 inhibitor, 17-AAG.
Prof. John Hopper Screening practices in women with and without a personal and family history of breast cancer: A population-based study.
Dr. Ashwini Chand  Targeting the angiotensin receptor as a novel breast cancer therapy.
Dr. Keren Abberton  New methods for growing adipose tissue for breast reconstruction post mastectomy.
Dr. Clare Yan Slaney Blocking breast cancer cell type 1 IFN signalling prevents immune recognition and allows metastatic progression to bone.


Name Project Title
Prof. Rik Thompson Learning to read advanced breast cancer cells
Dr. Juliet French Recognising achievements of female breast cancer researchers: the Mavis Robertson fellowship.
Dr. Louisa Gordon A longitudinal study of health-related quality-of-life among breast cancer survivors attending one of the two follow-up support services.
Dr. Juliet French Regulation of genes involved in breast cancer.
Dr. Chanel Smart Investigation luminal and basal cell differences: molecular and functional characterisation of the normal breast epthelia.
Dr. Juliet French  Post-GWAS functional characterisation of breast cancer risk loci.

Western Australia

Name Project Title
Prof. Robert Newton Reducing tumour spread through exercise.
Dr Anabel Sorolla Bardaji Targeting for agressive breast cancer.
Dr. Kerryn Butler-Henderson Examination of surgical margins with a positron emission tomography (PET) probe in DCIS and invasive breast cancer.
Dr. Andrew Redfern The interactions of novel SRA-binding proteins and SRC3 in the pathogenesis of anti-estrogen resistance - molecular mechanisms, prognostic implications and future treatment applicability.
A/Prof. Robert McLaughlin A new tool for intra-operative tumour margin assessment.

South Australia

Name Project Title
A/Prof. Wendy Ingman Understanding how pregnancy protects against breast cancer: novel concept award.
A/Prof. Gill Grantley Sentinel node biopsy versus axillary clearance in early breast cancer: the SNAC trial.
Dr. Natasha Harvey The identification of genes important for lymphangiogensis during mamary gland morphogensis.
Dr. Taryn Bessen Optimising imagin surveillance for women in complete remission after primary treatment for breast cancer.
Prof. Andreas Evodokiou Bone specific delivery of novel vitamin E-bisphosphonate conjugate compounds: a new therapeutic approach targeting breast cancer growth in bone.

Australian Capital Territory

Name Project Title
Dr. Anneke Blackburn Targeting of two aspects of metabolism (TOTAM) for cancer therapy.
Dr. Anneke Blackburn Chemoprevention of breast cancer with a non-hormonal, non-toxic anti-cancer agent.

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