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Classic champions


Congratulations Classic Champions – an outstanding contribution to breast cancer research.

Classic Champs badgeClassic Champions are participants who have raised $25,000+ for the Mother's Day Classic cumulatively over years.

NB Unfortunately, we don’t have records for the years before 2008, however we would like to offer the opportunity for long-time fundraisers to email us to tell us if they have raised more than $25,000 over time and in which case they may also be included in the club. Please email:

Raising $3,000 or even $1,000 is still a great achievement! You can check out the people who have reached these goals fundraising for this year's Mother's Day Classic on the Classic Club and Classic Pink Club pages.

Classic Champions

Fiona Balfour
Julie Bevan
Ross Clennett
Mare-Jane Courage
Lauren Couter
Lea Major
Spiro Maroulis
Michelle McLean
Sheree McLeod
Jason Mombelli

Kahtlin and Craig Morris
Lindsay Mullins

Kevin O'Sullivan

Donna Player

Harmony Southern
Rosslyn and Felicity Think Pink
Bill Tsigaras
Leeanne Turner
Paul Zahra
Nicole Zischke

David Reed

Suzanne Holden

Julie Lander

Sam Webb

Fiona BalfourFiona Balfour

Fiona is on the Board of Trustees of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. She has run in three Mother's Day Classic’s at the Domain and each year raised the highest amount of funds in New South Wales. In 2009 she raised $12,475, in 2010 she raised $17,836 and in 2011 has raised a record $19,086 to date. This takes Fiona's grand total raised for breast cancer research to $49,397.

Juile Bevan 1

Julie Bevan

Julie Bevan has fundraised for many Mother's Day Classics which has resulted in her outstanding fundraising for breast cancer research which now totals over $40,000.
Her efforts have placed her several times as either the highest fundraiser or runner up for the year in WA.

Julie has had her fundraising amount matched by her employer to further increase her amount raised.

Ross ClennettRoss Clennett

Ross has tirelessly fundraised for the Mother's Day Classic for many years, resulting in him raising over $30,000 for breast cancer research. He takes part with his family every year and Ross has shared his motivation for taking part.

"Since 2012 the event has taken on a very different dynamic for us. My sister, Mary, passed away early that year after fighting breast cancer for nearly four years. 

"Mary's husband Sam and her son Ned and daughter Lola have now experienced life without her for over four years now. It's been a very tough period of adjustment for them, as it has been for myself, my sisters, my mum and dad and all of Mary's many friends."

Mary Jane 2Mary-Jane Courage

Mary-Jane and her team, Save the Titty Committee have participated and been strong fundraisers since 2012 after her sister was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Mary-Jane lost her 48yr old sister, Anne Maree to breast cancer in 2012 before they got to do the Mother's Day Classic together. Mary-Jane is strong believer in the power of research and is determined to assist researchers achieve zero deaths from breast cancer. To date Mary-Jane has raised an outstanding $48,725 and her team have raised $74,699.

Lauren Couter

Lauren Couter

Lauren has been one of ACT’s highest fundraisers every year since 2009, raising over $7,000 every year. She has run with her mother each year and this year ran in memory of her grandmother who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 2011 was also extra special for Lauren as it was her first time as a mum too. Lauren’s grand total raised for breast cancer research to date is over $56,000 (including 2008 and 2007).

Lea MajorLea Major

Lea has been a long time supporter of the Mother's Day Classic, gradually building up her fundraising efforts and she cracked the $25,000 total in 2016. Lea shared her motivation on her 2016 fundraising page. 

"This year my son Rhett and hubby Cam will be joining me. Our time might not be the fastest but we will all be doing our bit to try and stop this dreadful disease. 

"Many of you know I started fundraising because my mum was hit with breast cancer. I'm happy to say she's still doing great but since I started my sister has lost her sister in law to this dreadful disease and my netball buddy is still battling along. 

"This great fundraiser has given so many researchers money so they can continue to try and find a cure for breast cancer and hopefully all cancers."

Team Bum Fluff

Spiro Maroulis

Spiro with Team Bum Fluff have taken part in the Geelong MDC since 2012. This was in memory of Julia Maroulis, who they say, "Julia Maroulis was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on the 23rd of February 2010 at the young age of 32 years old with no family history of breast cancer. She fought this horrendous disease with not only dignity and grace but most importantly laughter. She lost this battle on the 26th of December 2011. Julia participated in the Mother’s Day Classic in 2010 and raised over $5700 for Breast Cancer research. Julia's efforts on that occasion saw her ranked 4th in Victoria for fundraising."

Spiro raised $32,376.67 in 2012 (plus an additional $3,000 matched by Ford), $2,357.47 in 2013, $380 in 2014 and $1932.60 in 2015.

Team Bum Fluff, with Julia's contribution, Spiro's efforts as well as the fund matching from Ford has raised over $48,000 to date.

Michelle McLean

Michelle McLean

Michelle has fundraised in 2014 as part of the inaugural Boardroom Challenge. Michelle reached the $25,000 Classic Champion goal before fundraising even closed. She is fundraising with her team Cornwal Stodart.

On her 2014 fundraising page she says, "Having been a little girl who lost her mother to breast cancer at the age of 10, I recognize how devastating this disease can be not just to the person who is suffering from it but for the many children who are left behind without a mother, not to mention a father who does not know how to be a mother."


Sheree McLeod

Sheree's personal breast cancer journey began in March 2011 and she became a strong supporter of the Mother's Day Classic. Sheree not only fundraised for the event but also created the team "GO TEAM McLEOD" and became an official MDC Community Ambassador. 

Over the years, Sheree raised an outstanding $25,951 and recruited dozens of team mates.

Sadly, Sheree lost her battle with advanced breast cancer in November 2014. Sheree will always be remembered as an inspiration to all those who knew her and as a true champion of the cause.

Jason MombelliJason Mombelli

Jason has been a long time supporter of the Mother's Day Classic along with his family who have been the organisers of the Cairns regional event for many years. 

Kahtlin and Craig Morris

Kahtlin has been involved with the Mother's Day Classic along with her father Craig for a few years along with their team, Pink Misfits. Kahtlin has previously shared her story.

"I am participating in the Mother's Day Classic and raising funds for breast cancer research on behalf of my loving and caring mother who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2012, not a day goes by without her in my thoughts and while time might make it slightly easier to accept she is no longer with us, the pain of not having her around will live with us forever. 

Let's hope one day they find a cure so no family has to experience the loss of a loved one to Breast Cancer."

Lindsay.Mullins for webLindsay Mullins


Lindsay first became involved with the Mother’s Day Classic in 2003. His wife, Filomena had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 at the age of 35. Their children – James and Katharine - were just four years old and 18 months at the time. Filomena fought the disease for 34 months. It was in her final few months that Lindsay decided to run in his first Mother’s Day Classic. In his first year running he raised $795. His wife was thrilled and encouraged Lindsay to continue to raise money and awareness. Lindsay has stayed true to her wish and run in the Mother’s Day Classic ever since.
This year Lindsay will participate is his thirteenth Mother's Day Classic with his children, James and Katharine. Every year since 2011, he has been one of the highest fundraisers in Victoria having raised over $9,000 each year. In 2014 he reached an outstanding goal of cumulatively raising over $100,000 for breast cancer research, making him our first ever Classic Legend.

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Kevin O'Sullivan

Kevin has been a long time supporter of the Mother's Day Classic and takes part with his UniSuper team. In 2014, Kevin took part in the inaugural Boardroom Challenge raising $13,155. His 2014 contribution combined with his previous efforts qualified him for Classic Champions. 

In 2014, Keven said of his fundraising, "I’ve been reluctant in the past to make a big deal about my fundraising for the Mother’s Day Classic – I’m happy to do the good work without fanfare."But as I’m now the CEO of UniSuper and have been very well supported through the Boardroom Challenge this year, I thought I should ensure my staff and supporters could be recognised for their great support for me over the years. As an actuary I’m a bit of a numbers guy, keeping track of annual donation amounts, run times, number of participants, etc. The donations I’ve received since I began participating in 2003 have reached a little over $43K. I may have started a year or two earlier but I don’t have records prior to 2003."

Donna PlayerDonna Player

Donna fundraised for the Mother's Day Classic three years in a row as part of the David Jones team, and as a result raised over $35,000. She participated in the Corporate Challenge and managed each year to grow on the previous year's amazing fundraising efforts. 

Harmony SouthernHarmony Southern

Harmony has been participating in the Sydney Mother's Day Classic for several years, consistently raising large amounts year after year. Harmony has shared her motivation for fundraising. 

"Breast cancer is a hideous disease that threatens your life, your children, family, career and sanity. 

"My wish one day is that no-one ever needs to fear a breast cancer diagnosis, that there will be a simple preventative vaccination available to all. 

"No one should have to suffer the horror that cancer creates. 

"Please help me find a cure." 

Rosslyn and Felicity CHAMP

Rosslyn and Felicity Think Pink

Rosslyn and Felicity have been fundraising for the Mother's Day Classic for many years and have raised over $55,000. They had the below comment on their fundraising page;

"This year we are thrilled to announce we have been invited to be breast cancer 'Community Ambassadors' by way of recognition of the $50,000 plus we have raised from your donations over the last 6 years. We have only achieved this through your valued and ongoing support for Breast Cancer Research.

Fundraising is challenging at the best of times and asking for money each year is difficult. However, most of us have a friend, loved one or colleague who is directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer and therefore once again we are asking for your support and sponsorship.

As Community Ambassadors we are committed to continuing our efforts and will again join the many thousands undertaking the 8km walk at the Mother’s Day Classic."

Bill Tsigaras CHAMP

Bill Tsigaras

Bill has been fundraising for the Mother's Day Classic for several years and in 2014 he raised $7,415. This was following on from his success in 2012 and 2013 when he raised over $8000 each year. Due to his past efforts his accumulative total raised now equals over $25,000.

On his fundraising page Bill commented, "I am sure that we have all been affected one way or another by the dreaded disease and with your help and kind donation hopefully a cure can be found. Every extra dollar I raise through fundraising goes towards vital research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer."

Leeanne TurnerLeeanne Turner

Leeanne has been participating in the MDC Corporate Challenge for the last few years and through this has amazingly raised over $37,000 for breast cancer research. She has shared her story about her motivation. 

"Last year I participated in the Corporate Challenge honouring the memory of my brothers partner who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2011. Since then I’ve had an aunt and good friend diagnosed and treated for it. You never know when and where this disease might strike. That’s why it so important to keep raising funds for research and why I will again help to make a difference by participating in the Corporate Challenge and running the 10km run in Canberra."

Paul Zahra CHAMPPaul Zahra

Paul Zahra fundraised for the 2013 and 2014 Mother's Day Classic along with his team - David Jones and participated in the event in The Domain, Sydney. Paul raised an exceptional $25,640 and $27,766 respectively, with his team raising over $100,000 each year.
On his fundraising page Paul commented, "Everyone ultimately is touched by breast cancer, whether it's your mother, sister, partner, daughter or a friend. By sponsoring me you are taking a step towards saving lives by helping fund the best breast cancer research."

Nicole Zischke CHAMP

Nicole Zischke

Nicole Zischke took part in the Brisbane Mother's Day Classic in 2013 and raised an incredible $35,635. This gave her the title of highest fundraiser in QLD for 2013, along with being our highest individual fundraiser nationally.

On her 2013 fundraising page Natalie stated, "I lost my mum under tragic sudden circumstances 5 days before Mother’s Day 2012. Needless to say, that day/week/month was not one I care to remember. However - 12 months on, I have decided to honour my mum Noni by supporting a fantastic cause I know she was passionate about!"

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