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Sharon duff

Posted by Mother's Day Classic on 1 February 2017

Greystanes NSW 

In 2008 Sharon Duff’s mother Marie was diagnosed with breast cancer, Marie’s response was to deal with her personal battle by joining those who were fighting for a cure.

That year was the families first at the Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic. Every year since Team Doyle have increased in size, and are back again in 2017, after sadly losing their matriarch shortly after the 2015 walk.

“Mum beat the primary cancer but shortly before the 2012 walk she found another lump (unrelated to the original diagnosis), and unfortunately this cancer metastasized. She gallantly fought this diagnosis until she passed away shortly after the 2015 walk,” Sharon Duff says.

Team Doyle started with just seven members that included; Sharon, her husband and two children, her mother and an uncle. Over the years they’ve grown tenfold and last year had 70 team members.

The team now consists of family and close friends that supported Marie and her family through their journey with breast cancer.

During their mother’s treatment Team Doyle got a first-hand look at where the MDC’s precious fundraising dollars go, and the difference it makes.

“Our mother was fortunate to be involved in drug trails through the course of her treatment, which certainly had a positive impact on her life,” Mrs Duff said. “2016 was our first walk without my mother, so we walked in her honour, which we will do from now on. She will always be head of Team Doyle.”

The Mother’s Day Classic has become a major part of Team Doyle’s Mother’s Day, in fact, it has essentially become their Mother’s Day.

“Whoever can stay around after the walk joins us for a BBQ picnic where we can sit relax and enjoy each other’s company. The walk has given us this priceless moment in time where we all come together to raise awareness, support each other, create memories and from now on remember my mum – who was a true inspiration,” Sharon said.

While the event is well and truly about raising money for breast cancer research, it is also about spending time with family and friends, which Mrs Duff said is what her mother loved so much about the Mother’s Day Classic.

“She loved watching her grandchildren participate in the event that helped not only her, but others. Despite their age, I feel she was proud that they had an understanding well beyond their years of what we were walking for and loved and respected their grandmother for her fight against this disease,” she said. “It didn’t matter how sick she was feeling, every year she walked proudly as head of the team every year.”

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