Event Date: Sunday 14 May 2017

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Today, Australia's largest Mother's Day event is aiming to raise $4 million for breast cancer research, in almost 100 locations around the nation

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Posted by Mother's Day Classic on 8 May 2016

This morning 100,000 Australians are uniting across the nation at the Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic, raising funds for breast cancer research.

Families, friends and community and corporate teams have joined together in a meaningful way to celebrate Mother’s Day, to honour those affected by the disease and to spark change in breast cancer by raising funds for vital research.

Australians are taking part in this colourful event around the nation at almost 100 locations, including every capital city and regional areas across every state and territory.

Mother’s Day Classic CEO, Sharon Morris, says each year the Mother’s Day Classic brings Australia closer to finding a cure to breast cancer.

“Families and friends who participate each year are really making a difference to those impacted by breast cancer,” Ms Morris said.

“It is a fun, exhilarating and often moving day and people of all ages take part no matter how fit they are – whether they are seriously running or walking around in colourful and often zany costumes.”

The legacy of the Mother’s Day Classic since 1998 has been that communities around Australia have raised $27.4 million to date for National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) research. With the money raised at today’s event, that amount is likely to pass $30 million.

By 2020, 17,210 women are predicted to be diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Australia – that is 47 women on average each day - and 140 Australian men will be diagnosed each year.

“While research has raised the five year survival rate to 90 per cent, there are still many questions research can answer, and improvements in detection, treatment and prevention that can be made,” Ms Morris said.

“Support for the Mother’s Day Classic will help NBCF reach its ambitious goal of no breast cancer deaths by 2030.”.

Fundraising and donations are open until Monday 16 May and the goal is for every participant to raise $50 – that would provide a total of $4 million for research. 

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