Event Date: Sunday 14 May 2017

8 months 12 days remaining

About teams

The Mother’s Day Classic is all about coming together as a community and enjoying the festive spirit of the day while doing something worthwhile for breast cancer. Why not get some friends, family or colleagues together to join you at the Mother’s Day Classic this year?

Everyone’s reason for being involved in the Mother’s Day Classic is different but the day can be even more fun if there is a group of you pounding the pavement together.

Perhaps get your fitness group to set the event as your goal; your family to do something fun and meaningful for Mum on Mother’s Day; your colleagues at work to do something together and build morale; or a group of friends to support someone touched by breast cancer.


Some of Mother’s Day Classic most passionate and dedicated teams are formed when friends, family and colleagues come together to support someone they know who has been touched by breast cancer. Not only supporting the person who has been diagnosed or lost to breast cancer, but also supporting their family.

Other teams are made up of sporting, social groups or work places who want to work together for a common fitness goal and/or to support breast cancer research.

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Team awards

There are various awards and prizes for teams as per below. Please note, these award categories differ at each event – please check your event page for details.

  • Trophy for the largest Community and Sporting group team
  • Trophy for the largest Companies, Departments and Agencies team
  • Trophy for the largest Family and Friends team
  • Trophy for the largest Gyms Fitness and Wellbeing
  • Trophy for the largest School team
  • Trophy for the largest Higher Education team

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Mother’s Day Classic team are incredibly successful at fundraising. Every cent makes a difference and if each team member can raise just a few dollars that can make a huge difference. The more we raise, the faster a cure can be found.

Read more about fundraising and check out our fundraising ideas.

The more people you have on a team, the more ambitious you can be with your fundraising. Ask team members to raise just $50 each and watch them surpass all expectations. Perhaps even, set up fundraising competitions within your team.

To start fundraising click here.  

For more information about creating a fundraising team click here

For more information about how to join a fundraising team click here.

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