Event Date: Sunday 14 May 2017

8 months 12 days remaining

How to set up a team

Everyone’s reason for being involved in the Mother’s Day Classic is different but the day can be even more fun if there is a group of you pounding the pavement together.

The Mother’s Day Classic is all about coming together as a community and enjoying the festive spirit of the day while doing something worthwhile for breast cancer. Why not get some friends, family or colleagues together to join you as a team at the Mother’s Day Classic this year?

Mother’s Day Classic teams come in all different shapes and sizes! A fitness group to set the event as your goal; your family to do something fun and meaningful for Mum on Mother’s Day; your colleagues at work to do something together and build morale; or a group of friends to support someone touched by breast cancer. Mother’s Day Classic offers a fun way to bring your team together and raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

There is no cost to create a team.


If you need to add yourself to a team after you have registered, please see these instructions

team instructions

To captain a team you need to firstly register yourself via the online registration system. The first team member to register (usually the team captain) will be required to “create” the team during registration - there is a page which asks "Do you want to join or create a team?".

Once the team is created (and the individual who is creating the team has paid for their registration) new team members can join the team!

Whilst your team members will be part of a team, each member is to initially register through the online registration system as yourself/family. Once the event and race has been selected, team members will be prompted with a page asking if "you would like to join a team". Once selected that you wish to join a team, you can start typing the team name and a drop down menu will appear with team name(s). Select the correct team name to join the team and continue with your registration!

The team captain should make sure all potential team members have the name and correct spelling of the team set up, as well as the password. It is imperative that team members select the team name when prompted to do so during the registration process. 

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