Event Date: Sunday 14 May 2017

8 months 12 days remaining

Volunteer roles

Volunteering is an important part of the Mother's Day Classic. Thank you for helping us out as we couldn't do it without you!

Find out more about the different volunteer jobs at each event and hear from our MDC volunteers about how much they love helping out.

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Cloak room

Cloak room volunteers assist in storing participants clothing while they are running or walking in the event.

The cloak room area is usually situated in a marquee in the main assembly area. Participants will start to arrive at any time from around 6.00am and your aim is to try and ensure that clothing is collected in enough time before the walk and running event start.

The participants will have a tear-off strip on their race number which they will attach to their bag for identification. Please ask the participant to put all clothing in the bag and then it will be placed in the allocated area in the marquee. It is important to make sure the bags are in neat rows and in order of numbers to make collection at the end of the event easier. Plus, as with all cloakrooms, you will need to remind participants not to leave valuables in their bags.

Don’t forget to wish them luck in their walk or run and remember to smile!

Gary, a volunteer from Brisbane says:

Working in the baggage tent made me realize how important it is for the participants to have somewhere safe to put their things. Although I was behind the scenes, I really felt I played a role helping the event run smoothly.


Course volunteers direct and encourage participants, monitor the course for accidents and assist spectators with crossing the course in the correct locations.

This is an important role as you keep all the participants safe on course. There will be bike riders monitoring the course so if there are incidents or anything to report you will have support from them.

You will enjoy seeing the participants in their colourful clothes having fun as they walk and run round the course throughout the morning.

Remember to cheer participants on, say well done and keep them motivated!

Darcy, a volunteer from Canberra says:

I have volunteered at the Canberra Mother’s Day Classic for the past four years and have been a Course Marshal a couple of times. You are sent out onto the course to make sure the path is clear when the fast runners are coming through and that the runners and walkers go the right direction. You have to be polite but quite assertive when asking the Sunday walkers to move off the track. You also talk to the participants and encourage them and get lots of people saying thank you for volunteering. One year I even had the Governor General stop for a chat!

Martin, a volunteer from Canberra says:

I have found the opportunity to be involved with a community minded organisation, which supports a great cause, an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The interaction with the participants, who vary from exceptional runners to large family groups has been a highlight for me as a course marshal.

Drink station

This role involves setting up drink stations on the course, handing drinks out to participants and cleaning up the drink station area after the event.

You will be provided with latex gloves on the day but it is also important to have clean hands. Also for environmental reasons it is important to make sure the surrounding area is cleaned up after the event with all empty cups placed in the bin.

Participants will love you if they're thirsty - you will be helping them on their way with a cool refreshing drink!

Lucy, a volunteer from Brisbane says:

Of all the charities I've volunteered for, the Mother's Day Classic was the one I felt was most meaningful - even though my task was simply to hand water to the runners.


Some people wait until the day to register for a walk or run so this role involves assisting participants register on the day.

You will ensure that participants fill out the entry form correctly, direct them to the credit card machine area if relevant and ensure that the correct money has been paid. You will then give the participant their race number.

There may be some participants who have lost their race number - if so you can direct them to the No Number/Lost Number area next to the entries marquee. And you will probably have a lot of people coming through early to ask questions or enter.

Every person you help is contributing to breast cancer research and about to take part in the most memorable Mother's Day ever!

Kate, a volunteer from Brisbane says:

I started extra early on the day, manning the registration desk and race kit pick up. It was really busy and we didn’t get a breather until the last event started, but I got such a kick out of helping the enthusiastic runners and walkers to register and get them on the road.

Number pick up

You will be located in the entries marquees and will be assisting people who need to collect race numbers, have lost their race numbers or are changing to a different start time.

If a participant is retrieving a race number you will ask for their surname, find the corresponding envelope and then double check names are correct. If there is no envelope, the participant will have to fill out a form and a new race number will be allocated according to the race they require. If a participant wishes to change race you will record their name, details and old race number on a form provided and issue them a new race relevant number.

Every number is a winner on Mother's Day as everyone is raising vital funds and you are helping by helping them get to the start on time!

Information officer

'Where's the start line', 'Where do I get my medal’, 'How can I find my friend' are just some of the questions you might be asked as Information Officer.

This role goes to our regular volunteers who know the event, the course and the lowdown. You will also get to wear a more noticeable t-shirt so you stand out in the crowd.

We assure you, this will be your most memorable Mother's Day as you'll be helping get everyone to the start line to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Thomay, a volunteer from Adelaide says:

I’ve been a part of the Mother’s Day Classic since it was first run in Adelaide in 2005. Volunteering in the Information tent means I can help everyone! Ensuring participants enjoy and get the most from the event as well as supporting all the volunteers and making sure everyone knows where they are meant to be. Once the event is underway and the runners and walkers have set off we also sell raffle tickets for major prizes drawn at the event. Everyone loves the chance to win a prize and all funds go towards research that will find a cure for breast cancer. The morning quickly goes in a blur as we direct participants to the registration tent to collect their race numbers, food stalls, the bag drop off area to secure their belongings while they run/walk, sell raffle tickets and cheer people on as their winning ticket is drawn for a random spot prize. The event has an incredible atmosphere – it is a celebration – honouring the many women and families touched by breast cancer. I can’t think of a better way to start Mother’s Day!

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