Give the gift of hope to the 1,643 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this festive season.

Christmas is a time of joy and fun, but for many it will be a time when they hear some difficult news – they, or someone that they love, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

You can help give the gift of hope by making a donation to the Mother’s Day Classic.

Every dollar raised this month will fund vital research projects so that breast cancer can be more effectively prevented, diagnosed and treated.

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How your donation can help

  • $25

    $25 Could support researchers to investigate how breast cancer spreads throughout the body, paving the way for more effective treatment strategies

  • $50

    $50 Could help fund researchers to develop training tools for radiologists to improve the accuracy of breast cancer screenings

  • $100

    $100 Could support researchers to uncover new drug targets for chemo-resistant breast cancer, to provide better treatments for those who need it most

  • $200

    $200 Could support researchers to understand why certain breast cancers are more aggressive, which will help find new ways to block tumour growth.

  • $500

    $500 Could support researchers in the development of new combination therapies for metastatic breast cancer, aiming to improve effectiveness while reducing harmful side-effects.

  • $1000

    $1000 Could help researchers identify critical biomarkers that help predict the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment, to increase survival, symptom control and quality of life for metastatic breast cancer patients.


“I’m alive today – to be a mother, a partner, an aunty, a sister, a daughter…and this is because of how advanced the medical support for breast cancer has been.

Without your support, there would be no research, there would be no treatment, there would be no hope of living. From the bottom of my heart – thank you.”

Vivienne – Mother’s Day Classic Ambassador