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breast cancer research

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Could support researchers understand why breast cancers are sometimes missed during routine screening, to help improve breast cancer detection.
Could help researchers analyse huge amounts of genetic data to pinpoint the specific genes that lead to the most common types of breast cancer
Could support researchers to uncover new drug targets for chemo-resistant breast cancer, to provide better treatments for those who need it most
Could support researchers to understand why certain breast cancers are more aggressive, which will help find new ways to block tumour growth.

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"As a Mum and a survivor, MDC is so meaningful to me. I want to continue doing everything I can to stop other women going through what I went through. The more money raised for research, the better the future will look for so many women and men, as well as extended family and friends who are impacted by a loved one's diagnosis of breast cancer." – Kym Curtis

Kym C – Mother’s Day Classic Ambassador