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  • St Michael's Collegiate Hobart

    “As a girls school, the Mother’s Day Classic is particularly important to many members of our community. Our students often bring their mothers along with them to the event. It has become a regular fixture on our school calendar and we are proud to be imvolved.”

  • Toorak College Melbourne

    “We decided to enter a Loreto team as I believed that it was a chance for women to show solidarity by completing the run/walk and supporting women affected by breast cancer. The event was also an excuse to do something healthy as a school group whilst raising money and awareness for those women affected.”

  • Normanhurst Boys Sydney

    “By actively getting involved in events like this, one soon begins to learn that everyone has the power to make a difference in society. Whether it be from running your own not-for-profit, to simply walking 4km and raising funds, every action has a reaction, and anyone can contribute to improving our community.”

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Spread the word about the fantastic work you are doing raising funds for breast cancer research and supporting those that have been touched by this disease.

We have social media tiles, web banners and printable flyers that you can use to recruit team members, promote the cause and grow your team!


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