The Classic Challenge


You did it! Thank you for being a part of The CLASSIC Challenge. For the past 12 weeks, we have shared information on how to stay physically active and the benefits of consistent exercise through The CLASSIC Challenge, which was presented via:

  • a series of The CLASSIC Challenge eDMs
  • Pro Tips social posts
  • Videos from participants of the Mother’s Day Classic sharing their stories
  • Did You Know fun facts social posts and
  • Special feature articles on Dragon’s Abreast Group, Running Mums Australia and The Indigenous Marathon Foundation.

We hope you found The CLASSIC Challenge offerings and information useful and would very much appreciate your feedback on how we can make it even better by completing this short 1-minute poll!

“Every Australian needs to find 30 minutes a day to be physically active at least 5 times a week. These challenges are a great way to build physical activity into your life every day. If you haven’t exercised recently or have been injured, remember to start slowly and build-up to achieving your goals. If you happen to develop symptoms you are concerned about I recommend you visit your local GP for a check-up.”


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We are proud to be helping Australians ‘Find Your 30’ . Find Your 30 is all about finding practical ways in which anyone can work half an hour of activity into their day. There are simple solutions, like walking the extra block to work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and getting the whole family active together. Find out more here.

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