The Classic Challenge

You’ve made it this far and completed a Mother’s Day Classic. Well done! Now it’s going to be even easier to keep fit, every day. Make it mean more with the free CLASSIC Challenge and reward yourself with a healthier, happier you.


Stay tuned because over the next 12 weeks we’re going to help motivate you to achieve that healthier you. You’ll hear from our Mother’s Day Classic Ambassadors, as well as people just like you! To learn more about our free CLASSIC Challenge, get onto our Mother’s Day Classic Facebook and Instagram accounts and watch out for posts to Get CLASSIC Fit. Stay CLASSIC Fit.
The CLASSIC Challenge is here!

As a part of The CLASSIC Challenge, you will receive a range of information, especially curated for you. These include:

  • Fitness and Nutrition tips
  • Profile stories and messages of support
  • Information and links to great online resources
  • Polls and questionnaires so we can learn about your goals
  • And lots more!

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“Every Australian needs to find 30 minutes a day to be physically active at least 5 times a week. These challenges are a great way to build physical activity into your life every day. If you haven’t exercised recently or have been injured, remember to start slowly and build-up to achieving your goals. If you happen to develop symptoms you are concerned about I recommend you visit your local GP for a check-up.”


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We are proud to be helping Australians ‘Find Your 30’ . Find Your 30 is all about finding practical ways in which anyone can work half an hour of activity into their day. There are simple solutions, like walking the extra block to work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and getting the whole family active together. Find out more here.

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