Event Date: Sunday 14 May 2017

8 months 12 days remaining



livinia-nixon.jpg"I am really looking forward to taking part in the Mother's Day Classic to help raise funds for crucial breast cancer research, such as the current breakthrough research linking obesity and the disease. 

Great strides have already been made, examining how a hunger hormone could halt the progression of breast cancer. This work has been funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation through money raised in the annual Mother's Day Classic - I am excited to be part of this wonderful event in the hope of raising more funds for a cause so close to the hearts of many people."

Livinia is a Nine News weather presenter and Postcards presenter.

NATIONAL AMBASSADOR - peter hitchener

Pete square 2"Mother's Day Classic is such a brilliant event that I look forward to taking part each year with other members of the Nine News family. It is important that we do all we can to help promote awareness of the event, as it aims to raise much needed funds in an effort to find a cure for breast cancer."

 Peter is a Nine News newsreader


Sam Gash"The Mother's Day Classic epitomises community, optimism, collaboration and positive change. Breast cancer is a horrible disease that impacts so many people and it is those qualities of the Mother's Day Classic that you want to hold onto. It is a privilege to be part of this event and I love that it gets to happen on Mother's Day!" 

Sam is an endurance athlete who was the first female and youngest person to complete the ‘4 Deserts Grand Slam’ and also completed a 379km solo (supported) non-stop run across the Simpson Desert in Australia.


corrine-grant.jpg"I love the Mother’s Day Classic. It's always such a fun and memorable day. It’s more than just running to raise money for research, it’s a day to pay tribute to those we’ve lost to breast cancer, support those who are being treated and celebrate with the growing number of survivors. It’s moving and it’s uplifting and it always fills my heart with joy."


jana-pittman.jpg"Last year I had the privilege of being at the finish line of the Western Sydney event and interviewing people as they crossed the line. Everyone I spoke to had an amazing story to share where they were touched personally or within their family by someone with breast cancer. It was one of the most inspiring and memorable days of my life. As a result, being an Ambassador for the Mother’s Day Classic is a great honour and something I am very proud of. Thankfully races like this bring together a nation in an uplifting and positive way both raising funds and continuing to draw awareness to the disease. It is a chance to be a part of something far greater than ourselves and together we can help find a cure for this debilitating disease. Put on your sneakers, grab a water bottle and wear a smile - it’s time to help make a difference."


E2A0401"I was honoured to be asked to be an Ambassador for the Mother’s Day Classic in the ACT. This cause is dear to my heart as my sister-in-law has bravely fought breast cancer over the past ten years. She is a survivor!

"As Principal of a girls school I know that the need for ongoing research is paramount. We want to make sure that our daughters and grand-daughters have every possible medical support should they have to face this most common cancer affecting women.

"So, please, join us in the ACT on 8 May – you can run or walk with your family, friends, neighbours and workmates. I look forward to seeing you there."

Anne is principal, Canberra Girls Grammar School


Jolene Laverty profile photo"For me, the Mother's Day Classic is a great way to start Mother's Day.  I love being out with thousands of other mums and their families, I love watching people weave through the fog from the lake in their lycra, and I especially love the giant pink cupcakes!  You get to hobnob with people from all walks of life; from breast cancer survivors, to people remembering loved ones who were taken too soon, politicians, business leaders and that guy who dresses like a giant banana.  It's one of the best community events on Canberra's calendar, and the money it raises really boosts the funding that's needed for breast cancer research.  I'm proud to be a Mother's Day Classic Ambassador, and to recommend this wonderful event to all Canberrans.  Come for the walk, stay for the cupcakes!"

Jolene is a Presenter on ABC Radio



melissa-jaros.jpg"Many people have been touched by cancer in one way or another, so you can do your part to raise funds and help find a cure.

"There is no better way than pulling on your joggers and bringing along your mum to take part in the Mother's Day Classic.

"You can run or walk, to help those battling his horrible disease and do it for those who can’t be there.

"I look forward to seeing you at this great event – don’t forget to wear pink."

Melissa is a representative of WIN NEWS.


jaynie-seal.JPG"It's a harsh fact that breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer affecting women in Australia and one in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

"One way to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer is to be active, I am honored to be an Ambassador of the Mother’s Day Classic and hope you can join me on Sunday 8 May so we can break the all time record and raise millions of dollars to help save the lives of our loved ones."


amy-culpit.jpg"It’s an absolute honour to be involved with the Mother’s Day Classic and I’m very excited the event will be returning to Darwin after such a great first year.

"The Classic is a fantastic opportunity for people to get together and join the fight against a disease that too many of us are touched by, and hopefully, help to find a cure – so that our children won’t be.

"I encourage all Territorians to throw on the runners, and join in one of the most inspiring and fun events you can be involved in."

Amy Culpit is the weekend news presenter on Channel 9 News Darwin.

QLD AMBASSADOR - St. George Queensland Reds

st-george-reds.jpg"The St. George Queensland Reds are proud to support this year’s Mother’s Day Classic, Australia’s biggest breast cancer research fundraiser.
The cause is close to many of the Reds players’ hearts as some have had mothers, grandmothers and other family members affected by breast cancer.

The Mother’s Day Classic has become an iconic event that has positively influenced the lives of thousands while raising much needed funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, of which Saia and Anthony Fainga’a are Ambassadors.

Women make such a significant contribution to Rugby, whether it is through playing, volunteering, or supporting and taking sons and daughters to games on the weekends.

It is important to show our support, and the Mother’s Day Classic is a great opportunity to do this while raising money for breast cancer research."


Alison Ariotti"I love seeing our entire community running or walking together in a sea of pink. It's such a powerful symbol and makes you realise we are all fighting this insidious disease together. There's no better way to start Mother’s Day than celebrating with hundreds of other women, save breakfast in bed for another day! As a mum, who loves running and whose grandmother battled breast cancer, supporting this cause is a no brainer."

Alison is a Nine News Weekend Presenter

QLD AMBASSADOR - Melissa Downes

melissa-downes.jpg“How wonderful is it, that something as simple as pounding the pavement can have such a powerful impact. The Mother's Day Classic not only raises money to help scientists find a cure for breast cancer, but it also raises spirits and keeps us fit. That's why it's become such a well-loved day, and I'm thrilled to support it for all those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer, particularly those brave women I know personally.”

Melissa presents the weekday edition of Brisbane's Nine News alongside Andrew Lofthouse.

QLD AMBASSADOR - Andrew Lofthouse

andrew-lofthouse.jpg“I’m really pleased and proud to be an Ambassador for the Mother’s Day Classic. Breast cancer is something that we’re all now so aware of, it’s an issue that most people are touched by nowadays because of the high incidence of the disease. The Mother’s Day Classic is such a good event for spreading the word about breast cancer, but also getting the community to come together and do something really practical about it. To be able to show your support in a fun and healthy way and really feel like you can make a difference is a good thing.”

Andrew presents the weekday edition of Brisbane's Nine News alongside Melissa Downes.


mel-rippon.jpg"Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was nine years old. She was 36 when the cancer was detected, and so busy caring for her young family that she put herself last, fighting hard for 10 years, before losing her battle in 2000. This cancer doesn’t discriminate, and despite her youth, earlier detection may have saved my mum. It didn’t stop there, breast cancer once again struck my family when my nana was diagnosed, and also passed away in 2003. Over the years I have known many more friends and families to be affected by breast cancer. It isn't selective. Dad and I recall seeing teenagers, mothers, grandmothers and men over the years of mum’s treatment. The Mother’s Day Classic is important for raising awareness of and funds for ongoing research programs, and also to celebrate and honour the lives of our loved ones. Thanks to each and every one of you that are participating in this event, with your incredible support, this event will be an amazing success."

Mel is Captain of the Australian women’s water polo team.


alice-tait.jpg"I became involved with promoting breast cancer awareness back in 2003, during the final stages of my Aunt’s long battle with the condition. Her passing in early 2004, just prior to the Athens 2004 Olympic Games provided me with the opportunity to race with strength for her. My profile provided me with a stage to voice my support for charitable donations toward research for a cure, the ears of the nation were the listeners, and I have done all that I can in the decade since to promote the wonderful work our charities do.

"I am honoured to be an Ambassador for the Mother’s Day Classic this year and will be completing the event with my mother, sisters and aunts. The simple act of registering to walk has raised more than $24 million for breast cancer research. This year, every step taken by the multitude of participants will help bring us one step closer to finding a cure!"

Alice is an Olympic swimming medal winner.

QLD AMBASSADOR - Gold Coast Lady Mayoress, Mrs Ruth Tate

ruth-tate.jpg"It is a privilege to be an Ambassador for such a worthwhile cause like the Mother's Day Classic. Unfortunately, breast cancer will affect most people in someway during their lifetime, whether it's a mother, sister, daughter, wife or other loved one suffering from the disease. Therefore, it is important that we continue to not only raise awareness of breast cancer, but raise much needed funds for cancer research. I join with the other Ambassadors in proudly supporting the Mother's Day Classic and the fantastic work the event does for our community."


hannah-mcEwan.jpg"The Mother’s Day Classic is such an amazing way to help raise much needed funds for breast cancer research, and I feel so privileged to be supporting this event as an Ambassador for Queensland.

Like myself, I am sure you have been impacted in one way or another by this horrible disease.

Please show your support and come along with your friends and family on Sunday 8 May. Oh, and don't forget your pink!"

Hannah is a WIN NEWS presenter.


Sophie Walsh web"I am looking forward to lacing up my running shoes, throwing on my bright pink shirt and joining forces with the men and women of Brisbane for the Mother’s Day Classic event. Breast Cancer is a terrible illness that often takes those precious to us, and I am honoured to be taking part with helping to raise awareness and much needed funds for medical equipment and research."

Sophie is a Nine News Weekend Weather Presenter/Reporter 


Hayley Webb"I am honoured to be an ambassador for such a vital cause, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who has not been affected by breast-cancer in some way, shape or form. One in every eight Australian women will have that terrifying diagnosis uttered to them at some point in their lives; several of whom, I count as loved ones, some even younger than myself, and for the ones who did win that battle - awareness and early detection was key.

"I lost my mother 2 years ago to a terminal illness, and while it wasn't breast cancer, anything that can be done to help other daughters and families from losing loved ones is vital. Hopefully through initiatives like this  and the research that follows, we can achieve our goal of zero deaths by 2030."

Hayley is a Nine Gold Coast News Journalist

SA AMBASSADOR - Kate Collins

kate-collins.jpg"It's hard to come across someone these days who hasn't been touched by breast cancer, in some way.

"Last year, one of my very best girlfriends was diagnosed, aged just 28. I've experienced firsthand the trauma, struggle and heartbreak, of dealing with this terrible illness. But I've also seen the spirit, courage and strength that comes from the fight.

"Events like the Mother’s Day Classic are vital in not only raising much needed funds for more research and better treatments, but they keep the issue in the spotlight, they remind us that we CAN do something to help, and it’s a way we can honour our loved ones who fought so bravely.

"So, thank you for being part of the Mother’s Day Classic. It means so much to so many people".

Kate presents the weekday edition of Adelaide's Nine News.


Elise Archer Profile Shot"I am proud to be an Ambassador for the 2016 Mothers’ Day Classic, having been involved now for several years as a volunteer and Master of Ceremonies.

"I always look forward to attending the Mothers’ Day Classic which is fully embraced by our local community, and promotes such an important message.

"One in eight Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime - touching the lives of friends, family and loved ones. Luckily, survival rates are improving, but there is always a need for more investment in vital research, and support for these women and their families. 

"I encourage everybody to come along to this year’s Mothers’ Day and join me in supporting this worthy cause."

The Hon Elise Archer MP is the Speaker of the House of Assembly. 


Sue Hickey 2014“I am very proud to be an Ambassador of the 2016 Hobart Mother’s Day Classic.  As a woman, a mother and a daughter I understand that breast cancer has a much broader impact than on the individual alone.  It is for this reason that the uplifting spirit of many women and their loving families and friends should celebrate life and a great way of doing this is to join in the 2016 Mother’s Day Classic and show our support for the women we love and care about in our lives.  Funding has ensured that breast cancer research has successfully improved early diagnosis and recover; collectively we can work together to continue to raise Breast Cancer Awareness and raise funds for research into the disease. 

"Last year a record $3.1 million was raised at the 2015 Women in Super’s Mother’s Day Classic and in Hobart 2,500 participants united to demonstrate their support for their loved ones.  So on Mother’s Day, show your colours, wear pink and join the 2016 Hobart Mother’s Day Classic.  I would love to see you there at the starting line."

Sue Hickey is the Lord Mayor of Hobart


tori-hodgman.JPG"I am proud to be an Ambassador of the Mother’s Day Classic.

"In 1990 my beautiful mother Marian (known as Matsi to her close family and friends) was diagnosed with breast cancer and after a very difficult 10 years of treatment, she lost her battle at only 60 years of age.

"The Mother’s Day Classic has totally transformed Mother’s Day for me. I get to spend the day with hundreds of people in the same boat and we all get to honour our mums together and in addition, I have made friends with some amazing women who I know will be with me for life.

"It’s an amazing and poignant event and I look forward to donning my pinks every year and enjoying Mother's Day now that is has a totally new meaning for me. "

Torri is the Survivor’s Tent host on the day in Hobart.


GEORGIA LOVE cropped"The Mother’s Day Classic is a cause extremely close to my heart, especially this year after I lost a dear friend (who was a mother) to cancer in October. This will be her kids’ first Mother’s Day without her and I can’t think of a better way to show my love and support than by being an MDC ambassador.

"I hope you can join me on the day and don the pink in memory and support of all breast cancer sufferers, but to also have a happy and healthy day."

Georgia is a WIN TV News Presenter,


Catherine Andrews

"As a little girl, I vividly remember my mum taking quite a few of her friends to chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment.

"Sadly, none of those beautiful women are with us today.

"I am thrilled to continue the support my mum gave to this important cause and I look forward to being with her and my family at this year's Mother's Day Classic to support vital research into prevention, detection and treatments.

"This will mark my fifth year participating in the event.

"On Mother's Day, there is nowhere else I'd rather be."

Catherine Andrews is the wife of The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP, Premier of Victoria.

VIC AMBASSADOR - Mary Delahunty

mary-delahunty.jpgMary Delahunty has been a long-time supporter and participant in the Mother's Day Classic.


Bec Judd ambassador page"Mother's Day Classic is such a great event not only for families to take part in together to celebrate Mother's Day, but also to help raise much needed money for breast cancer research."

Rebecca Judd is a Nine News weather presenter and Postcards presenter.





VIC AMBASSADOR - alicia loxley

608208 alicia loxleysquare"I am really looking forward to taking part in the Mother's Day Classic with the little one in the pram. It is a great event, that I'm very happy to be involved in and help raise awareness for such a great cause."

Alicia is a Nine News Weekend newsreader






hannah"I’m excited to participate in my first Mother’s Day Classic with my mum this year.

"It’s vital we continue to support and raise funds for research into the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer – a disease one in eight Australian women will develop during their lifetime.  

"Whether you’re walking, running or cheering in pink – I look forward to seeing you Ballarat’s Mother’s Day Classic." 

Hannah is a WIN TV News presenter.

VIC AMBASSADOR - Lisa Westlake

lisa-westlake.jpg"I love the Mother’s Day Classic and every year I am blown away by how emotional I find it. I am inspired and overjoyed by the support and community spirit of participants. There is no where I would rather be on this special day in May."

Lisa, a Physiotherapist, fitness leader, and author, is the Melbourne MC and warm up instructor.



Trev1"I'm honoured to come on board as an ambassador for the Mothers Day Classic. 

"I watched my wife battle breast cancer at 33 years of age while both our kids were younger than two. Thankfully, early detection meant our story has a happy ending. 

"Bringing awareness to this disease is something that's vitally important to my wife and I. 

"I urge all men to help support their loved ones going through breast cancer, and encourage early detection.

"I'll be at Langley Park in Perth this Mothers Day and I hope you'll join my family and I for a great day."

Trevor is the Head Coach of the Perth Wildcats. 




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