Classic Fundraising Legend - Ross Clennett

14 Sep 2022

This year, we are proud to acknowledge Ross Clennett as one of our new Classic Fundraising Legends for raising over $100,000 for life-saving breast cancer research.

Ross is a long-time supporter of Mother’s Day Classic. Together with his family, he has participated and fundraised every year in remembrance of his sister Mary who passed away from breast cancer in 2012, at age 44. Ross is also one of our MDC community ambassadors, and continues to honour Mary’s memory by telling her story and being an active advocate of breast cancer research. 

We wanted to remember Mary by sharing a bit of the eulogy delivered by Ross.

“The life of my sister, Mary, was a life of adventure, accomplishment, and love. 

Over four years Mary showed enormous courage in fighting for her life, all the while never complaining, indulging in self-pity or publicly showing the despair and fear she surely must have experienced. Knowing that these short years would be the only ones that Ned and Lola would have with their mother she did an amazing job carrying on life as normal, giving love to her family and being there for Sam, Ned and Lola." 

Mary lived a wonderful life that touched so many people. I am incredibly proud of the person she was. I loved her deeply and I will miss her deeply for the rest of my life.

The full eulogy may be found here:

Our thanks to Ross and his family, as well as everyone who has supported his fundraising campaign every year. The money raised will continue to fund vital research to improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.