Shabnam, Community Ambassador

23 Feb 2024

Shabnam’s Battle Inspires Advocacy for Ovarian Cancer Research 

Shabnam has dedicated her life to treating others, but when she received her own diagnosis of ovarian cancer just after her 30th birthday, she found herself facing a new and unexpected adversary.  

"I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just after my 30th birthday and at the start of my medical career," Shabnam shared. Faced with the complexities of her diagnosis and treatment, she recognised the urgent need for an early detection test—a critical resource to save countless women’s lives. 

Amidst the challenges of navigating her medical career, Shabnam embarked on a deeply personal journey that would not only shape her own perspective but also fuel her passion for advocating for better options in ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

"This journey has shown me the complexities of diagnosis and treatment, and the urgent need for an early detection test."  

Determined to make a difference, she channeled her energy into raising awareness and funds for ovarian cancer research, partnering with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) and now, taking on a role as a community ambassador for the Mother's Day Classic. 

"As both a woman and a doctor, I aspire to offer my patients better options, and I hope that future generations will have access to early detection tests."  

"Let's work together for a brighter future,"  

Thank you Shabnam for stepping up to share your personal diagnosis and story. Shabnam continues her work in awareness and fundraising for an early detection test for ovarian cancer.