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for mu auntie and nana who have died of cancer and is currently going through breast cancer

Dale Roberts

Sarah’s Squad and the Strikeforce teams joined for their first MDC in honour of those that have diagnosed and those that we have lost to the beast that is breast cancer. We celebrate my wife Sarah who was diagnosed with S4 in Dec 2023. 245 of us did it for you

Angela Diakoumis

To my beautiful Georgia who is still battling this horrible disease, keep fighting, you are the strongest person I know with the biggest heart of all, our prayers are with you and your beautiful family 🙏🙏


Remembering mum on what was both her birthday and Mother’s Day. Taken too soon by ovarian cancer. Today we walked in her memory and to raise funds for the cause.

Penny Arthur

I’m walking to honour Lisa Down, a beautiful soul who lost her 2 year fight with Ovarian Cancer in April 2024 🩷


For my mum who is my best friend in the whole world ❤️

Mel & Ross Williams

In memory of my mummy who lost her fight on 21/12/22 and we are walking in Nuala’s network today for an amazing lady who we lost on 03/05/23

Olivia Mavros

Doing this in memory of you my gorgeous Vicky. Miss you my little sis xx


For Dianne, good luck on your treatment, love you ❤️

In memory of rose makiri , A wonderful lady.


In memory of my Mum, Julienne who died from metastatic breast cancer. And for Mel and Aunty Ali who continue to survive post breast cancer.


Remembering the wonderful Penelope Ovarian Cancer took my beautiful wife and best friend. She will always be in my heart and much loved


In loving memory of my beautiful friend Joy 💕


I’m doing this walk in honour of my beautiful mum who lost her life to ovarian cancer October 23, aged 60. Your big smile, laugh and motherly love will forever be missed. Tomorrow I celebrate you, my beautiful mum. Sending all my love and hugs to heaven above ❤️

Michelle Banks

Missing you Mama/Omi Forever in our hearts. First Mother’s Day classic was in 2012.

Tribute to me. 3 x times ovarian cancer, metastasised but still running.

Tina Duignan

Walking for Pina & planning to have a gelato after & think of her. So pleased this year we can walk for Ovarian Cancer as well as Breast Cancer.

Tina Duignan

A walk for Wendy, a lady larger than life who's motto was "Laugh every day, even if it's at yourself". We all miss you


I’m walking to Honor a beautiful soul Lisa Down who lost her 2 year fight in April from Ovarian Cancer.


In Memory of my Mum, Kathy, and my Aunty Karen, both taken far too soon by Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Lauraine Mead

In memory of my dear friend Marion ❤️

Julie Harpur

In memory of my dear friend Rose, miss you 💕

Livian Jones

I’m doing the Embrace and Honour walk for my Nanna - Gloria Luxford. I may have lost you to this disease but you are always in my heart and at the heart of everything I do and everything I am. Proud to be your granddaughter. Love Livian xxx

Nadine Barry

For my mum, Selma Barry, you are our world, strength and guidance!

Julie Forster

To our wonderful sister, Liz. Taken from us and her children and husband at the age of 50 by ovarian cancer. What enabled her to give life, took hers. ❤️

Lisa Zimmermann

Doing the Embrace and Honour walk in honor of my most beautiful friend Kylie who lost her life to triple negative breast cancer on 3/5/23 and for my gorgeous mum who battled and survived this horrible disease. Missing Kylie heaps and wish she was here to do this with me, although I know she’ll be by my side in spirit! 💕


In memory of Linda (Breast cancer), Liz (ovarian cancer) and Belinda (Breast cancer). Women who touched my life with their courage, tenacity and gorgeous smiles. May they know love in heaven as they did here on earth. I LIVE ON IN YOUR HONOUR 💗


I’m walking in honour of my big sister & bestie, Antoinette. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. Thank you for all you have left me. Missing you forever. Loving you eternally. See you when I get there. ❤️

Tracy Walker

I'm walking in honour of my beautiful daughter Antoinette..diagnosed with ovarian cancer 01/08/2023 passed away 28/01/2024.. Forever in my heart my beautiful girl 💔


I am doing this because I can! I feel like I have been given a second chance. I never thought in a million years that I would be diagnosed with breast cancer, but I was in 2022. Thanks to Private Health and a professional team of doctors, oncologists, and surgeons, I underwent all the necessary treatments and surgeries by the end of 2023. I am very grateful to be alive and able to share my story.


I'm walking in memory of my Aunty Bella and my friend Sharon who both had Breast Cancer and for my beautiful friend Sarah who had ovarian cancer. I am a Breast Cancer survivor

Walking for my beautiful sister Ali. Diagnosed with IBC in February 2011. Passed away September 2013. Forever in my heart


In memory of Marce who fought bravely and will forever be missed. And Lauren, thank F&*K you fought and won and we will forever be grateful.

Meg, Cath and Zoe

We walk in loving honour of Mum and Grandma, Sue Gardner


My beautiful Mum Susanne, I miss you more today than ever. I wish you were here to see beautiful Lily growing into a gorgeous little girl. I know you are watching over us from above - she sometimes does things you did even though she has never met you. Love you now and forever Mum

Jane Ransome

In loving memory of Patricia Wardle. My wonderful Aunty Trish lost to ovarian cancer. Sadly missed, always remembered with much love xoxo

Louise Curran

We walk In honour of our Mum Louise, who we sadly lost last year. She was so strong, funny and one of a kind. We will love you forever Mum. 💕🎀

Michelle Yendall

I'm running my 23rd Mother's Day Classic in loving memory of Terri Yendall: 14.04.1965 - 08.11.2001 aged 36. A young mum who adored and loved her children Jace, and Joel, and twins Brodey and Shae, tragically taken from her family, forever in our hearts. Love always, your sister-in-law Michelle Yendall


In loving memory of my dear, lovely, kind and beautiful mum! You are my HERO. You fought hard with a smile. The world is empty without you.. miss you 🫀


You are not alone 🩷 You are strong and brave 🩷


For my beautiful sister who sadly lost her battle with triple negative breast cancer 3 years ago after fighting for 18 months. We do this for you, in memory of your strength and resilience. We love and miss you more then you could ever know 💕


Walking for Mum (Flossie) who lost her battle with secondary breast cancer, myself, a survivor of 17 years and my beautiful sister, Carole, who has been newly diagnosed. The fight continues.


Pippa - the world lost a lot of sparkle when you passed but how amazingly brave you were. Love and miss you every moment

Carly Thompson - In honour for my Mum, Tracey Ann Jones

My children and I are walking in the Newcastle MDC to honour of my beautiful Mum who fought so bravely against Ovarian Cancer. Diagnosed at just 49 years old she succumbed to the illness at 53. Always the light in every room, everybody who met her was instantly drawn to her. Even when faced with a terminal illness, she continued to radiate positivity and joy everywhere she went. She even purchased herself an Audi convertible mid treatment because "if i'm going to have terminal cancer, i'm going to do in in style". So very loved and so very deeply missed every day! Thank you for opening up this years Mothers Day Classic to Ovarian Cancer Research, may we one day see an improvement in survival rates for this awful disease.

In honour of my beautiful mum, Brenda. Mothers Day 2023 was our last day together, you were so positive, determined and strong for six years. I'm sure you waited, so that I had a whole year to learn to be strong enough to face this day without you. Miss you everyday Mum xxx


This year I walk for myself 💖 ( 2 years since diagnosis), for beautiful Vicky who left her loved ones way too soon but has left a legacy of love💖 and for all who are continuing to fight for their lives 💖


This year I walk for myself💖 ( 2 years since diagnosis) and for beautiful Vicky who left her loved ones way too soon💖Also for all who continue to fight for their lives 💖

Miss you Sue … never a day goes by that I don’t think of you!

Renee C

Mum, this is the first Mother’s Day without you and we miss you more and more everyday. You fought hard and enjoyed every moment you had in this world. Your smile, infectious laughter and positive attitude will be missed. We love you, happy Mother’s Day x


I’m doing this for my beautiful Nan, Matilda Mackie who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 100 years old and sadly passed just before her 102nd birthday. My Aunty Linda who is a survivor for over ten years now and who was my angel when I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2021. The after treatment can sometimes be the hardest part and I’m doing my best to be a survivor. Thinking of all those missing loved ones, those battling, those learning to thrive again and those supporting xxx

Joy Alexander

I have just finished chemo and radiation after being diagnosed with breast cancer September last year. Family and friends have helped me through especially my beautiful daughter in law.

Lisa Walsh

Love you Dee & Sarah and sorry you’re no longer here.


We're are walking with mum she was diagnosed 2022

Cal Atkins

In loving memory of my beautiful sister, Claire, who lost her battle with ovarian cancer in 2014. You are loved so deeply, and we miss you more than words can say. You have gone way too soon; I still have so many conversations to have. I will be thinking to you today as always, wish you could be walking beside me. Love you.


🌟 In loving memory of my dearest aunt, Mirell a true warrior who fought with grace and strength against cancer for many years. You were not only my rock during my own battle, but a shining light of courage and love in my life. Your spirit and resilience continue to inspire me every day, and your absence is felt deeply. I miss your laughter, your wisdom, and your unwavering love. Though you may be gone, your memory lives on in the hearts of all who were touched by your kindness and warmth. May you rest in peace, free from pain and suffering. You will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will cherish the memories we shared forever. Until we meet again, my dear aunt. 🌸💕

Raelene Falzon

In memory of both my grand mother Aunty ,mother and sister .All had breast cancer .you all live in my heart xxx

In loving memory of Kate Carmody loving mother to Pat and Liam loved daughter of Joan and Bill and friend and sister to Bill Jane Sally Liz . Always in our hearts.

Cathy Galtieri

In honour of my amazing mum Josie, You fought the hardest and toughest battle of your life you will always be my SUPER HERO. Miss you and love you

Pauline Dance

Pauline is a mother of three, two daughters and a son, and lives in the regional community of Griffith, NSW. She taught primary school for 38 years and was a scout leader for 20 years. Pauline was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer with “a tumour the size of a coffee cup” at the age of 63 – her symptoms felt like a vaginal prolapse. Before her diagnosis, Pauline and her family had not heard of ovarian cancer. Like many women, Pauline believed a pap smear checked for all gynaecological cancers. Pauline has always been an active community member and is committed to raising awareness of ovarian cancer. Her mission now is to encourage women to notice potential symptoms and get checked if something doesn’t feel right. ... With immensely heavy hearts we share our resilient and inspiring wife, mum and nan, Pauline Dance passed away from ovarian cancer. Pauline calls the last few years a journey, never a fight. Her journey is now complete. We celebrate a selfless, joyous and full life, packed into a too-short timeline. We continue her legacy of generosity and education. 💜Jeff, Pauline, Andrew, Mari, Billy, Lily, Hamish, Jenny, Gary, Oscar, Patrick, Alison and Bryce. Mum wanted to do the Mother's Day classic in Canberra well before her ovarian cancer diagnosis and when the event soley fundraised for ovarian cancer. Mother's Day is my birthday and I wish we could do this in person together xx

Alison Dance

Pauline is a mother of three, two daughters and a son, and lives in the regional community of Griffith, NSW. She taught primary school for 38 years and was a scout leader for 20 years. Pauline was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer with “a tumour the size of a coffee cup” at the age of 63 – her symptoms felt like a vaginal prolapse. Before her diagnosis, Pauline and her family had not heard of ovarian cancer. Like many women, Pauline believed a pap smear checked for all gynaecological cancers. Pauline has always been an active community member and is committed to raising awareness of ovarian cancer. Her mission now is to encourage women to notice potential symptoms and get checked if something doesn’t feel right. ... With immensely heavy hearts we share our resilient and inspiring wife, mum and nan, Pauline Dance passed away from ovarian cancer. Pauline calls the last few years a journey, never a fight. Her journey is now complete. We celebrate a selfless, joyous and full life, packed into a too-short timeline. We continue her legacy of generosity and education. 💜Jeff, Pauline, Andrew, Mari, Billy, Lily, Hamish, Jenny, Gary, Oscar, Patrick, Alison and Bryce. Mum wanted to do the Mother's Day classic in Canberra well before her ovarian cancer diagnosis and when the event soley fundraised for ovarian cancer. Mother's Day is my birthday and I wish we could do this in person together xx

Afshan syeda

Iam doing this walk with Emmikins family for my bravest, most humble and kind hearted friend❤️.Who is recently diagnosed with breast cancer and will start the treatment soon. To support and get blessings from all.

Margaret Ann McClean

Remembering my longtime friend and buddy, Judy Burley who lost her fight to breast cancer so young in 2000. She left a wonderful legacy of the Otis foundation which supports those with breasst cancer through providing much needed rest in nature. Judy we miss you. X


I’m doing this for my beautiful friend Candace who was diagnosed last year with stage 3c ovarian cancer at the age of just 33. This was after months and months of having her pain ignored and misdiagnosed. I’m so inspired by your strength - keep fighting x

In memory of Thelma Eather, our beautiful mum.

Eileen Roks

To those who endured diagnosis and prognosis during isolation of covid and to those friends and family who endured it either side of covid - this walk is for you and us 🫶🏻

Alexandria Harbin

The bravest, most humble, big hearted person I've ever known. A beautiful, intelligent empathetic woman. Unfortunately Alex fought long and hard before succumbing to Ovarian Cancer


For my friend Sue who was doing her nursing career when she was struck down with breast cancer 🎀. She continued to work while receiving treatment and is now in remission. Thank God 🙏, 🩷🩷


In memory of my dear sister Kathie who gained her wings after fighting an aggressive battle with ovarian cancer. Miss you every day. It’s been 2 years but feels like yesterday.


I do this walk with two friends for me. I was diagnosed in 1989 so thank God every day. It's our 19th walk this year. We remember our friends who also went thru this journey and those going through it now especially Kirsty.

Eileen Roks

Hang in there and move forward to a positive future

Violet Page

I do this walk for myself ( 5yrs since diagnosis), for a former work colleague who lost her battle 3yrs ago & all the other women who are still in the battle or have lost.


For my beautiful sister Holly who passed away at 39 in February last year, 10 months after being diagnosed with TNBC. I love you and I will miss you forever. This year we walk for you

Ann, Grant, Amy & Pat

Proud to support the MDC in 2024 in honour of our daughter, little sister and fiancé, Lauren, who passed from ovarian cancer in 2022. We hope the funds raised help fund better testing and treatment for a silent killer. Love you Lauren 🤍🩷

Dimity Carter

Mum mothers day last year you were here and we didn't even know a week after mothers day you had a sore stomatch from ED to your passing it was 4 weeks we lost you to ovarian cancer. It was so fast we didn't know what was going on. So this mothers day will be my first with out you. So mum (sandy carter ) I'm doing this for you with your grandkids and I promise I will keep avocatating till there a early detection test. I love and miss you mum always see you at sunset.

Samantha Donnabella

18th year since l lost my mum to breast cancer - we went to the first Field of Women at the MCG. Pain of losing your best friend is still unbearable some days, but got to keep going! Love you mum 💕

lindy and ian

For our beautiful sister Fiona. Gone too soon. Much missed and dearly loved

lindy and ian

For our beautiful sister Fiona. Gone too soon. Much missed and dearly loved

Lea Clegg

We lost my sister in law Brigitte in 2015 💕 & Karen my nieces mum 2021💕, survivors myself & Cheryl my friend 2022, Kristeen my friend 1974, 1989 & 2023. Let’s find cure. Love you all 💕🎀


Running for my bestie Brianna!! Friends for over 25 years.. Through the up and downs of life but always together, Forever the life of the party, now with her angel wings. Miss you more than you will ever know.. Forever my bestie and my guardian angel.. Brianna grew her wings at 36 years young

Sarah Chandley

I’m so excited to be an ambassador this year, as the light will shine on ovarian cancer research in addition to breast cancer. We walk for my baby sister Annalei, who is 3.5years into her journey with ovarian cancer; diagnosed at 32.

Mum it's coming up 20 years since we lost you to Ovarian cancer at only 58 ,not a day goes by when I don't miss you and wish you could be here to meet your granddaughter. I am so glad that Ovarian cancer is finally being included in the walk

My family

Three of my cousins were diagnosed with breast cancer 2019 during lockdown starting other women know now are fighting Breast check are so important My breast friend died in 2015 legacy is continuing her wishes Helen our angel and a nurse who loved her job to the end

Caroline OSullivan

Mum not a day goes by that I miss your angel face. You had breast cancer, survived it and then had ovarian cancer 10 years later. When I walk for you on May 12th and for all women who have been touched by breast and ovarian cancer, I will think of your angel face next to mine. Love you my dear mum!!! XXX000

Alexandra Faggetter

Two months ago I lost my little Sister. Georgia Peta Versluys 44 years old - she fought ovarian cancer. Clear cell ovarian cancer. We will continue to remember you as I promised, celebrate you and honour you. I love you 💙


I lost my mum to breast cancer when I was 10 years old. My mum was only 34 years old. I love the Mother’s Day classic community and the events they run in hope one day will find a cure.

Amy Davidson

I host the local event in Newcastle, in loving memory of my Mum. Gone too soon, I miss you dearly! You will never be forgotten, always in my heart and forever my shining light and inspiration ❤


In memory of Keryn, Judy and Jo, missing you girls. Thank you for getting me through my battle, I know you were with me all the way. This run was for you today 💖

Tracy Baverey

This week we said goodbye to my 2nd mom, my Aunty Col, who lost her brave fight with breast cancer. She was an amazing person, with an incredible sense of humour and positivity even when life was handing her lemons. She was an angel on earth, always going out of her way to help others and I have no doubt I have another angel looking over me from above. Will always think of you and all the others close to me we’ve lost to the cruelest disease and those still fighting 💗😢


I ran the Mother's Day Classic today to celebrate after the end of my chemo, and for all the amazing warrior women out there fighting breast cancer ❤️


I’m walking today for all mums, friends, clients, and strangers who have had, who are fighting, who have passed or survived breast cancer. I joined the statistics this year and was lucky. Not everyone is.

Sal Rowe

We miss you mum. Even after all these years. I wish you could see my babies now. They are all grown. Keep on doing Gods work 🙏🏻

Tracey Robertson

I am running in memory of my mother who passed away from Cancer.

Vicki Yze

You may be gone in presence but you are remembered always by us. Your grandchildren will always know who you were and the resilience you showed to beat this horrible disease. I drew spirit from your efforts., Love Damien, Megan, Ruby & Jacob.

In Remembrance of Rozie a beautiful soul. Always and forever xx

Claudette Graham

Walking for all those touched by cancer xxx In memory of my Nan Tilly who sadly lost her battle at age 102 years and my Aunty Linda who has been a survivor for over twelve years now. Both remarkable and inspirational women who's strength helped me when I faced my own diagnosis in 2021 xxx

Maureen Jordan

Doing this in remembrance of my Mum and dear friend Julie who both left this world much to early. Thinking of you today and always. xxxxoooo

Elizabeth Hunter

My beautiful daughter Katherine Collura passed away at 44 years in January 2023 with triple negative breast cancer. She tried everything thing including alternative medicines and healthy lifestyle to stay with her husband, daughter and family. A absolutely beautiful woman who never for 1 minute deserved this fight.


Renae, you are an inspiration! You bring joy to all you come in contact with.


In loving memory of my beautiful sister Martine who lost her battle in 2021 after just turning 45 She is the strongest woman l’ve ever known Always in our hearts 💕💕


For the eternal memory of JDW my special love. For a healthy response to treatment for CN and CP.

Liz Blackburn

My sister Ali was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer in 2011. She passed away in 2013 shortly after her 47th birthday. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ali’s passing. She still had so much to do, see and live for. She didn’t get to retire and grow old. This is my 12th Mothers Day Classic. I hope that funds raised towards research will one day eradicate this insidious disease. Although Ali is no longer with us her star still shines brightly. Forever loved and missed xxxxx

Miss you every day Mum. xx

Tina de la Mare

I am walking to honour my sister Gillian RIP 2020. I am also celebrating being a survivor, first diagnosed 2014

Elaine Simpson (stiles)

I’m walking in memory of my daughter who was also a beloved mother, sister, aunt, niece, grandmother and friend to many. Hopefully funds raised from this event used for research come closer and closer to saving future lives of all our loved ones. So Little girls born now don’t know the meaning of breast cancer.

Sally Forde

I am doing this for my mother, my two aunts, my cousin and my grandmother, all touched by breast cancer. Each of them have made such an impact in my life - and I am so grateful I can give just a little back.

Mina Kim

은미, 헌주, 윤서, 은성을 위해 달린다. GO AMY!


I’m walking this Sunday the 14th of May in honour of my little sister who lost her battle with triple negative breast cancer in 2021. I have been raising money and awareness since her diagnosis and will continue to do so in her honour and for all the families touched by this horrible disease in the hopes that one day we will find a cure 🤍

Hayley Gilmour

Im doing this not only for myself to show that im strong enough 12 months post diagnosis! But for all the strong amazing men and women who have fought or am still fight this horrible disease! I'm with you! #bepositive #bepround #fightstrong

To mum, may you be blessed throughout your journey. Thank you for being so brave and such an inspiration


I’m walking on Sunday in honour of my beautiful Mum who we lost in 2021. I miss you every second and know how important to you it is to take part in this and help anyone that has had cancer touch their lives. I wish you were here to walk with me and celebrate this Sunday together. Love you always x


To my beautiful friends who I’ll never forget… Angela and Sally, I’ll think of you as I’m walking on Sunday.

Natalie Carden

For Mum, who was taken from us in 2021. She fought so hard, and I will forever be inspired by her bravery and determination. We will keep fighting for you Mum. Miss you every single day. Lots of love 🩷

Mum, you were so young when you went. How hard it must have been to know you were leaving behind a young family who needed you so much. Even though it's been nearly 50 years since you left us I think about you often and still miss you.

Sue Rolland 12-5-1964 - 4-10-22 58 years young Fought like a trouper. An Amazing Mother & Friend. "Hey Honey" you'll never be forgotten We walk to salute you and everyone else who is fighting Love you always

Bert &Carol Williams

A lovely lady,we still miss her deeply.


To my grandmother- you left us a long time ago but you are never forgotten. In our hearts forever.

Franca McCabe

To my dear Mum Nina who fought a short but scary battle with breast cancer over 11 1/2 years ago. You died just 2 days after my birthday and the last thing you said to me before slipping away was Happy Birthday. This was typical of you as you always thought of us before anyone or anything else. You lost your own mum as a teenager so being a mum was everything to you. Not a day passes that I don't think of you and am so sad that you didn't get to see my sons marry and have their own children - you would have loved them I know! I hope that you have found rest and peace free of pain now mum. I'll never forget you. Love always Franca xoxoxoxoxoxo

Tracey Brennan

I'm walking this Sunday 14th May, in honor of my beautiful Mum Jean, who we lost 29 years ago to Breast Cancer. I have been raising money for Breast Cancer for over 26 years & will continue to do so, as long as I can. For my Mum, friends & all other women...we WILL find a cure!💞

Leah Andrews

My beautiful Mum Susanne, I miss you every day. I wish you were here to meet beautiful Lily, you so wanted to be a nanny - I know you would love her with every last breath as you did Benjamin and I. I hope I can be half as good at being a Mum as you and Lily will be one lucky girl. Love you forever Leah and Lily

Hedley Schofield


Bek Stone

For my mum Beverley who is such an inspiration 4 years on from her diagnosis, and for me who was diagnosed in December 2022 at age 32. Here's to more research so every woman survives her diagnosis and can keep being the wife/mother/sister/daughter/friend/grandma and/or aunt she wants to be!

Erinn Pages

For my mum, who is still living with the side horrible side effects of being diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in the middle of 2020. I love you, you didn’t deserve this, and I wish the pandemic hadn’t made it impossible to support you more. Also, to my mother-in-law, who not even two years earlier, was also diagnosed with breast cancer and is still living with the aftermath, both physically and emotionally (something that is not spoken of enough)! And to my grandmother and aunt, and also my best friend Gab… these women give so much, and we need to do everything we can to give back to them, and their health and well-being.

Lucy Sapounas

In memory of a beautiful wife and devoted mother sadly taken from our lives. We pay tribute to your strength and courage during this awful disease so many years ago. Dearly missed by family and friends.

Nigel Anthony McBride

I am doing this for my mum who we lost in 2011. I have cancer myself at the moment but it wont let me stop running in memory of my mother for the sacrifices that she made for our family. This is for you Mum. RIP.

Polly Shepherd

I am doing the Mother’s Day Classic, not only in memory of my dear friend Penny Pickup, who inspired me to live life to the full after losing my first husband, but also many other friends that have lost their battle to this terrible disease, I have too many in my family to list them all. And also a salute to all the survivors, may your strength and courage keep you all going for a long time xx

Tanja Klotz

No way would Mum have run with me but she would have been so proud.

Aunty Penny. You have been so strong physically and emotionally. You are an inspiration to not only us, but the whole family and the community. We love you so much and we are doing the MDC as tribute to you 💜 Love Mads and Rae x

Helen Herrod

2 years without my beautiful wife Jacqueline. I miss you everyday. Your ever loving wife . Helen.

Clare (Jones) Fernandes

we miss you so much our baby daughter

Belinda F

5 years ago my best friend passed away from TNBC at only 24 years, a short 10 month battle. I never thought we'd get through the first yesr without you, let alone now up to 5 years. Hope you're flying high girl, I still miss you just as much


I'm running in memory of my beautiful cousin Gail, one of the kindest people I've ever known. This one's for you xx

Susan Tripodi

Mum!! Missing you heaps. I’m doing this for you and wishing you were here this Mothers Day 💕 love you!

Glenda Goodridge

For all the brave women who have fought , fighting or still fighting breast cancer.

Glenda Goodridge

To all the brave women who have fought or still fighting Breast Cancer. I am doing this for you

Nancie Allen

•Sending love to every woman diagnosed with breast cancer while they were pregnant. •Thanking those who came before me that had chemo while pregnant before there was data showing it was safe. •Remembering those who may not have had that opportunity. •Giving hope to those who will be diagnosed in future •Celebrating my son who did four rounds of chemo with me still in the womb for giving me the strength to fight and survive.

Dianne Russell

In loving memory of my beautiful daughter Renee. Five years ago, sadly passed away from triple negative BC, after a short battle at the age of 24. Forever loved and sadly missed. Mum xoxo

Alice j Opper

On behalf of lovely friends, I have lost due to breast cancer: Susana, Olga, Angie and Margareta and two presently surviving with cancer plus a few other complications: Dinka and Elizabeth. Research is finally leading to some good results and less painful treatments such as the Olivia Newton John Centre and Monash University - keep it going!

Margaret Rozario, Althia Davis, Karen Holmes and Christine Martinez

All still here with us today. May God continue to give you strength on your past and current journey.

Kate Drake

To my sister Jenny Buchan, you inspire me every day to live life to the fullest. Miss you so much and pray that one day breast cancer will be in the past

Helen Ottaway

I am walking for my late mother, Helene. Remembered always with lots of love.

Caroline Drayton

Forever our Nanny Primmer


As a person who has had breast cancer I was told by a friend who had it years prior to mine to listen to the doctors and follow their advice for treatment. You are in good hands with the wonderful professionals. Be around those personally who are there for you and focus on doing what you need to do to get through this. I would often go to the waterfront and put my feet in the sand and watch the world go by. There is so much support available so don’t feel you are alone - reach out for help when needed. Love and light to all 💜

I would like lo dedicate Mothers Day Walk to Toni and Jo Francis

Jackie Masterton.

I am doing the MDC for family & friends in the hope that one day breast cancer will be a thing of the past.


Celebrating my aunt Janet, cousin Deb, friend Jo, and myself - all survivors!

Bree Lowe

This is a tribute to our beautiful mum Jan Lowe who passed away in 2021 at the age of 51. She left behind a legacy of love, friendship, kindness, support, colour and compassion. She walks with us. 💗

Kate Malone

I'm doing this for Carmel Malone, trooper, Auntie and sister in law Sending our thoughts and love to you through the universe.

Clare MacLeod

Dear Mum, 38 years on the 15th May since this horrid disease took you at such a young age. You have missed so much and I’m sorry you never got to meet your grandchildren. Love you always Mum. 💖💖💖

Carolyn Dzur

Lisa Ross Glenn, more than a fighter, you were bloody warrior. You never let cancer define you and gave so much of yourself to others. A huge part of my life. So sadly missed xxx

Krishnamurthy koppal



I'm sorry this had to happen; you didn't deserve this. No-one does. Love you dearly, Natalie


Hey Dina...You made it...Life to YOU and your loved ones. The joy of life so precious.

Giulia and John

Our beautiful girl Kathryn....6 years of missing you. Love you forever and always...❤

Kanwal Ahluwalia

Forever in our hearts


Have been walking the Mothers Day Classic for many years, but this year is very special will be thinking of my mum, friends that have passed especially my long-time friend Margy who has just lost her battle with Cancer. Miss you all.

Anne Tannock

We have 3 generations walking in memory of our mother, grandmother & great grandmother, Rosemarie, who lost her battle with breast cancer at the young age of 54. Although it is nearly 33 years since you lost the battle, you are still missed.

Nigel & Richard

We are so thankful for our mothers and the lives that we have because of them. We miss them so much but they will be prouldly smiling down on us on Mothers day celebrating their lives and the sacrifices they gave to us both.

Denise Lim

Mummy (Venetia Chong), you are deeply missed...your daughter and grandchildren, Declan & Danica.

Today I am running for all the Breast Cancer Warriors who lost thier battle. I got lucky ad will never take one single day for granted.


I’m doing this in memory of my friend Danielle Waddell.

For my special friend Ella, who fought not once but twice 25 years apart, so proud of the way you tried to conquer this challenge. Love and miss you xx


In memory of my darling Nan "Tilly Mackie" who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2019 at nearly 102 years old. Now I know she is by my side giving me strength as I go through my own journey with the same. This year I'm doing this for my Nan, my darling Aunty Lin who is a survivor, for myself and for all other warriors, we are so much stronger together xxx

Carolyn N

We miss you mum! We wish you got to meet your grandbabies! We celebrate you! Enjoy heaven! Tunakupenda milele!


In memory of my wonderful grandmother, Su Yuqing, who we lost to a gynecologic cancer. Missing you so very much.

In memory of Sandra (Sandi) Lee Tilbrook, 35 years young, a kind and loving daughter, sister, wife & mother. We carry you in our thoughts and hearts every day, your memory lives on in your 3 beautiful children. Sending hugs, love and strength to all who are in the fight, we are all cheering for you.

P Allen

Miss you.

R Picko

Proud of all the breast cancer patients and all the groups like this one that help them and their families in the cancer journey. THANK YOU!



For all my fellow warriors…. Keep going, keep breathing, keep fighting! & one day pink will be just another colour, not a ribbon to remember! (Lines taken from the song ‘Pink’ by Dolly Parton) Also to acknowledge my wonderful carers without whom I couldn’t have fought this battle as bravely as I did.

Rita, We still miss you


Mum!♡ For you always! x


Doing this for all my fellow warriors.. especially Trudi, Marcelle and Heidi who continue to smile and forge forward despite the battle blows.. Remembering Courtney Rampin, one of my first support group friends and a fellow new Mum who grew wings before her time. Thinking of her son and family today and always.. Also remembering Seema Tailor-Bulsara and Nalie Agustin- online inspirations and friends from across the globe. I never met you, but I knew you and your strength and commraderie gave me inspiration, help and hope.


My Mum lost her battle to breast cancer I still miss you all the time :(

Elaine Simpson

For my daughter Peta Nudl Who lost her mammoth battle in 2009. We never gave up hope. You were so brave. we had sad times angry times happy times and very funny times too. Wish you were here Pete. I miss you every day. I do this walk to help raise funds for further research to rid the world of this wretched disease claiming so many of our beloved women.

Katrina King

My beautiful friend Zoe Wittner lost her life to breast cancer. I hope participating in this year’s Mother’s Day classic pays tribute to Zoe and her beautiful family.


Our run is for you Katie as well as the millions of others like you. Keep fighting you are a champion!!!

Kirrily Mochan

Nana Scott, you are always in my thoughts. I hope to be as brave as you. Lots of love Sis. xx

I love you forever nan. I'm doing this for you. Keep fighting.


I walk for you most recently my dearest Tash and for my beautiful, vivacious Aunty Vio - both never forgotten & always in my thoughts xxx

Brigit, Darren and Tanaya

For our sweet angel Katarina (mum, mother in law and Nanna). There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you. We love and miss you xx

Xiaoyin Lu

Dear Grandma, miss you always


I'm doing this for the most gorgeous sweetest, kindest Mum anyone could have hoped for Josephine. You fought with such strength, grace and courage until the day God took you in his arms on the 1st of Feb/2019. Life will never be the same without you here. I miss you everyday and you're locked away in my heart forever. I will make you proud. The Mother's Day Classic and being charitable meant so much to you since I started 15 years ago. Until we meet again on the other side. This walk is for you Mum. I love you forever and a day. God Bless you from your only daughter "Boo boo" as you would call me affectionately.


Beautiful Brave Liz, my Daughter in Law who lost her battle with Breast Cancer last year leaving 3 young children. Liz you will always be missed by everyone that knew you. A Beautiful Angel Now. Always in our hearts

We miss you so much Annette . Not a moment goes by when you are in our thoughts. You were so brave and so strong. Team NED is doing this in honour of you and to help others. Always in our hearts🌼🌼🌼

Running for my sister and niece both survivors.

Yvonne Green

I started doing the Mother’s Day Classic when my best friend Ange was diagnosed. Sadly she’s not with us now but each year I walk or run I her memory and for the countless others affected by breast cancer.

Lynda & Ray McGuire

Myself & my husband Ray Mcguire will be doing our walk tomorrow ( Sunday ) morning around our local area streets. This year I am doing it for my family: My mum Gloria Skaines & Myself My Aunty Shirley & her daughter Vicki (R.I.P.) My Aunty Jan and now her daughter Joanne. #mdc2021 #mothersdayclassic

Nigel McBride

As the event gets closer, I am getting more emotional as this is my first mothers classic. This is an tribute to my mother and all of the mums who have sacrificed so much for all us so we can enjoy the life that we have today. This is what I will be wearing on Sunday as a thank you to my mum who sadly left us 10 years ago and we all miss her so much. She is my hero and I will be doing this run for her.

Rebecca Blackwell

To my mother - in honour of her ongoing battle.

Mary-Ann Larcher

We are doing this for you Mary-Ann ❤ My beautiful youngest sister passed away 3 weeks ago after fighting a very brave battle with stage 4 breast cancer. She was such a sweet, generous and kind hearted woman who had so much more to give to this world. Life will never be the same without you. Fight to raise awareness of how this horrible diseases affects families and we will one day help other sisters to survive their diagnosis.

Sharon Montalti

We all miss you Mum. You taught us all to love lots, be kind and laugh...

Loretta Drago

This is for all the women and men that have lost their lives due to breast cancer and for my beautiful mum who I love and miss every day 💕

Rhonda Gillard

Miss and love you always mum.


Hi Mum , you did what you could with a shitty illness , hope you are enjoying some cheese and onion chips and wine right now. Love Michael

Julie Allen

To all who have battled through and for those we have lost from our Paddling Team MBT. This one is for you all xx


Running 8ks will suck, but no where near as much as mothers day does without you, Mum.

Abbey Dayman

doing this for you Kylie. always and forever. x x x

In memory of our Dancing Queen Wilhelmina Drysdale

Mum, you lived every moment to its fullest and created wonderful memories for everone that came to be with you and those you met along the way. You had no idea what led people to give you so many compliments, you were just being yourself you said. You naturally carried the hand you were dealt with graceful acceptance, Que Sera Sera. We'll carry you with us always XXXXXX

Danielle Jenkins

In Honour of My Mum - Kathy. You fought so hard to overcome Breast Cancer the first time, and then as hard as you could when it came back. 6 years on and I still miss you every day.

Laura Schiemann

All my loved ones my Aunty and Mum who survived breast cancer and those family members who did not your in my thoughts all ways.

Helen Richards

You were my friend and mentor More four years not day goes by I run alone for you listen to music whilst you watch over me including all your friends and family. You fought it till the end and we all remember Helen a nurse who was a angel 👼

Pauline Borg

to my gorgeous cousin Yvonne who lost her battle with breast cancer at age 39 five weeks ago

Clare Burns

Sweating my tits off in honor of Kristen Fulton's tits... they fought and beat the cancer bitch 3 times... If they can do that, mine can do this!

Andrea Peters

This is for you mom: Arline Guinn RIP Jan 14th 2021. You were such an inspiration winning your battle against breast cancer but learning to let go when it was time due to the lung cancer. A wonderful mother, grandmother, friend and amazing leader in the corporate world. A trailblazer for women like me who followed in your footsteps. Not a day goes by that I do not miss you. I love you so much. My first mothers day without you but with you as I walk this mothers day classic with the kids and Matt.

Beatrice Polydor

This is to all mothers that's lost their lives due to breast cancer. especially mine. mum passed almost 3 years now. miss her dearly My sisters and I together with some of our cousins and friends will be thinking of her on this day.

Ruby Rhodes

Jen Philip-Wells, a fighter and survivor. So thankful we can share life’s special moments. Love you❤️ Mum, Kate and Paytes. Miss you so much. Living in my memories and hopeful that, one day, finding a cure for one, will find a cure for all.❤️❤️❤️

Dianne Russell

I'm doing this in memory of my beautiful daughter Renee, who sadly passed away 3 years ago on the 30th March 2018. My love for you will never die, your beautiful face will never fade and the hole in my heart will never mend. Love you forever my beautiful baby. xoxoxoxo

Dianne Russell

I'm doing this in memory of my beautiful daughter Renee, who sadly passed away 3 years ago on the 30th March 2018. My love for you will never die, your beautiful face will never fade and the hole in my heart will never mend. Love you forever my beautiful baby. xoxoxoxo

I'm doing this for my friend who is getting treatment for breast cancer. You are always in my thoughts. You are strong and will beat this. Lots love

Trisha Asselman

In memory of my amazing sister, Rosie Koelmeyer, who died from breast cancer 38 years ago, who I miss every day. You are always an inspiration to me.

Winsome Hall

To the wonderful Joy Palmer - a generous friend, union stalwart and fund trustee. Joy sought to make the world a better place for all.

Baubies Jelly Bellies - Noelene

We are doing this for you Noelene 💞💞 We love and miss you every day xx 💞💞 From Mum and Your loving sisters - Cathy - Karen- Kerry xx

Roslyn Harris

I'm walking for my Auntie Roma who has survived a double mastectomy.


Helping others to not go through what you did Mum xxx Miss you so much xxx

In Memory of Roxanne Carroll 1973/2020 who created Angels Abreast 15 years ago.

Shell Westwood

I dedicate my participation to my beautiful Mum, Beverly, you taught me so much and pushed me to do more than I ever thought I was capable of, I miss you so much 💕

It is 20 years this year that we lost you Mum and I still think of you every day and wish you were able to be here with us. You have missed so much. This year I am to become a grandmother for the first time and I remember how much you loved being one. You were dearly loved and are sorely missed.

Laura Russell

Kelli. Losing you this week was a big shock. You were so brave to just keep going like you weren’t sick. You will be missed by so many my sweet friend. X

Altman Family

Jane Altman Much loved & always in our thoughts We miss you & still can’t believe we’ll never see you again ❤️❤️❤️ xxxxx

I am doing this for my auntie that I lost a few years ago

Amy Muscat

I’m doing this for my Mum. Melissa McBride 1972 - 2016 We will walk in our pink tutus as we remember you xxx

Sally Black

Remembering and honouring my beautiful Nana - you will always inspire! Aunty, your strength and courage is inspirational. Love.❤

Sally Black

Always for my beautiful mum, missing you for 20yrs! We remember because you gave us memories too beautiful to forget. I love you, always.❤


This is for your Gma. We are missing you always xx


Love you mum, Happy Mother’s Day xxx

Renee Russell

My BFF Renee, we will continue this for you. Love you and miss you so much

Teri Yendall

Always loved


I still hear you, I still miss you, I still love you Grandma

Lorna Lane

Love and miss you everyday xx