Thank you for joining us for the 25th anniversary of the Mother’s Day Classic.

It was amazing to see tens of thousands of Australians coming together in a sea of pink, raising awareness, dressing up and showing support for the 1 in 7 women diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

We are so grateful for your participation and for making the 25th Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic the success it was.



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Raising funds and awareness for vital breast cancer research


Donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

$39.95 MILLION

Donated since 1998

1,536,245 participants

Over 24 years Australia-wide

25 Years of impact 

The MDC has grown quite literally from a walk in the park in 1998 to the iconic event it is today with  over 1.5 million participants donating nearly $40 million to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to fund life-saving breast cancer research. And what a difference it has made! Since 1994, the 5-year survival rate has increased from 76% to 91.5% - statistical proof that research is making an impact. But, there’s still a long way to go!

Every step you take helps us get one step closer to a world without breast cancer, so gather your friends and sign up today!

Get active for cancer research

Just over 3,000 Australians registered for the first Mother's Day Classic event in 1998, with events held in both Melbourne and Sydney. Twenty years later, 100,000 Mother's Day Classic fans were registering at up to 100 event locations around Australia. The Mother’s Day Classic has become an inspiring, community-driven tradition for thousands of Australian families who want to show support for a cause that affects so many.

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Hey Dina...You made it...Life to YOU and your loved ones. The joy of life so precious.

Giulia and John

Our beautiful girl Kathryn....6 years of missing you. Love you forever and always...❤

Kanwal Ahluwalia

Forever in our hearts


Have been walking the Mothers Day Classic for many years, but this year is very special will be thinking of my mum, friends that have passed especially my long-time friend Margy who has just lost her battle with Cancer. Miss you all.

Anne Tannock

We have 3 generations walking in memory of our mother, grandmother & great grandmother, Rosemarie, who lost her battle with breast cancer at the young age of 54. Although it is nearly 33 years since you lost the battle, you are still missed.

Nigel & Richard

We are so thankful for our mothers and the lives that we have because of them. We miss them so much but they will be prouldly smiling down on us on Mothers day celebrating their lives and the sacrifices they gave to us both.

Denise Lim

Mummy (Venetia Chong), you are deeply missed...your daughter and grandchildren, Declan & Danica.

Today I am running for all the Breast Cancer Warriors who lost thier battle. I got lucky ad will never take one single day for granted.


I’m doing this in memory of my friend Danielle Waddell.

For my special friend Ella, who fought not once but twice 25 years apart, so proud of the way you tried to conquer this challenge. Love and miss you xx


In memory of my darling Nan "Tilly Mackie" who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2019 at nearly 102 years old. Now I know she is by my side giving me strength as I go through my own journey with the same. This year I'm doing this for my Nan, my darling Aunty Lin who is a survivor, for myself and for all other warriors, we are so much stronger together xxx

Carolyn N

We miss you mum! We wish you got to meet your grandbabies! We celebrate you! Enjoy heaven! Tunakupenda milele!


In memory of my wonderful grandmother, Su Yuqing, who we lost to a gynecologic cancer. Missing you so very much.

In memory of Sandra (Sandi) Lee Tilbrook, 35 years young, a kind and loving daughter, sister, wife & mother. We carry you in our thoughts and hearts every day, your memory lives on in your 3 beautiful children. Sending hugs, love and strength to all who are in the fight, we are all cheering for you.

P Allen

Miss you.

R Picko

Proud of all the breast cancer patients and all the groups like this one that help them and their families in the cancer journey. THANK YOU!



For all my fellow warriors…. Keep going, keep breathing, keep fighting! & one day pink will be just another colour, not a ribbon to remember! (Lines taken from the song ‘Pink’ by Dolly Parton) Also to acknowledge my wonderful carers without whom I couldn’t have fought this battle as bravely as I did.

Rita, We still miss you


Mum!♡ For you always! x


Doing this for all my fellow warriors.. especially Trudi, Marcelle and Heidi who continue to smile and forge forward despite the battle blows.. Remembering Courtney Rampin, one of my first support group friends and a fellow new Mum who grew wings before her time. Thinking of her son and family today and always.. Also remembering Seema Tailor-Bulsara and Nalie Agustin- online inspirations and friends from across the globe. I never met you, but I knew you and your strength and commraderie gave me inspiration, help and hope.


My Mum lost her battle to breast cancer I still miss you all the time :(

Elaine Simpson

For my daughter Peta Nudl Who lost her mammoth battle in 2009. We never gave up hope. You were so brave. we had sad times angry times happy times and very funny times too. Wish you were here Pete. I miss you every day. I do this walk to help raise funds for further research to rid the world of this wretched disease claiming so many of our beloved women.

Katrina King

My beautiful friend Zoe Wittner lost her life to breast cancer. I hope participating in this year’s Mother’s Day classic pays tribute to Zoe and her beautiful family.


Our run is for you Katie as well as the millions of others like you. Keep fighting you are a champion!!!

Kirrily Mochan

Nana Scott, you are always in my thoughts. I hope to be as brave as you. Lots of love Sis. xx

I love you forever nan. I'm doing this for you. Keep fighting.


I walk for you most recently my dearest Tash and for my beautiful, vivacious Aunty Vio - both never forgotten & always in my thoughts xxx

Brigit, Darren and Tanaya

For our sweet angel Katarina (mum, mother in law and Nanna). There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you. We love and miss you xx

Xiaoyin Lu

Dear Grandma, miss you always


I'm doing this for the most gorgeous sweetest, kindest Mum anyone could have hoped for Josephine. You fought with such strength, grace and courage until the day God took you in his arms on the 1st of Feb/2019. Life will never be the same without you here. I miss you everyday and you're locked away in my heart forever. I will make you proud. The Mother's Day Classic and being charitable meant so much to you since I started 15 years ago. Until we meet again on the other side. This walk is for you Mum. I love you forever and a day. God Bless you from your only daughter "Boo boo" as you would call me affectionately.


Beautiful Brave Liz, my Daughter in Law who lost her battle with Breast Cancer last year leaving 3 young children. Liz you will always be missed by everyone that knew you. A Beautiful Angel Now. Always in our hearts

We miss you so much Annette . Not a moment goes by when you are in our thoughts. You were so brave and so strong. Team NED is doing this in honour of you and to help others. Always in our hearts🌼🌼🌼

Running for my sister and niece both survivors.

Yvonne Green

I started doing the Mother’s Day Classic when my best friend Ange was diagnosed. Sadly she’s not with us now but each year I walk or run I her memory and for the countless others affected by breast cancer.

Lynda & Ray McGuire

Myself & my husband Ray Mcguire will be doing our walk tomorrow ( Sunday ) morning around our local area streets. This year I am doing it for my family: My mum Gloria Skaines & Myself My Aunty Shirley & her daughter Vicki (R.I.P.) My Aunty Jan and now her daughter Joanne. #mdc2021 #mothersdayclassic

Nigel McBride

As the event gets closer, I am getting more emotional as this is my first mothers classic. This is an tribute to my mother and all of the mums who have sacrificed so much for all us so we can enjoy the life that we have today. This is what I will be wearing on Sunday as a thank you to my mum who sadly left us 10 years ago and we all miss her so much. She is my hero and I will be doing this run for her.

Rebecca Blackwell

To my mother - in honour of her ongoing battle.

Mary-Ann Larcher

We are doing this for you Mary-Ann ❤ My beautiful youngest sister passed away 3 weeks ago after fighting a very brave battle with stage 4 breast cancer. She was such a sweet, generous and kind hearted woman who had so much more to give to this world. Life will never be the same without you. Fight to raise awareness of how this horrible diseases affects families and we will one day help other sisters to survive their diagnosis.

Sharon Montalti

We all miss you Mum. You taught us all to love lots, be kind and laugh...

Loretta Drago

This is for all the women and men that have lost their lives due to breast cancer and for my beautiful mum who I love and miss every day 💕

Rhonda Gillard

Miss and love you always mum.


Hi Mum , you did what you could with a shitty illness , hope you are enjoying some cheese and onion chips and wine right now. Love Michael

Julie Allen

To all who have battled through and for those we have lost from our Paddling Team MBT. This one is for you all xx


Running 8ks will suck, but no where near as much as mothers day does without you, Mum.

Abbey Dayman

doing this for you Kylie. always and forever. x x x

In memory of our Dancing Queen Wilhelmina Drysdale

Mum, you lived every moment to its fullest and created wonderful memories for everone that came to be with you and those you met along the way. You had no idea what led people to give you so many compliments, you were just being yourself you said. You naturally carried the hand you were dealt with graceful acceptance, Que Sera Sera. We'll carry you with us always XXXXXX

Danielle Jenkins

In Honour of My Mum - Kathy. You fought so hard to overcome Breast Cancer the first time, and then as hard as you could when it came back. 6 years on and I still miss you every day.

Laura Schiemann

All my loved ones my Aunty and Mum who survived breast cancer and those family members who did not your in my thoughts all ways.

Helen Richards

You were my friend and mentor More four years not day goes by I run alone for you listen to music whilst you watch over me including all your friends and family. You fought it till the end and we all remember Helen a nurse who was a angel 👼

Pauline Borg

to my gorgeous cousin Yvonne who lost her battle with breast cancer at age 39 five weeks ago

Clare Burns

Sweating my tits off in honor of Kristen Fulton's tits... they fought and beat the cancer bitch 3 times... If they can do that, mine can do this!

Andrea Peters

This is for you mom: Arline Guinn RIP Jan 14th 2021. You were such an inspiration winning your battle against breast cancer but learning to let go when it was time due to the lung cancer. A wonderful mother, grandmother, friend and amazing leader in the corporate world. A trailblazer for women like me who followed in your footsteps. Not a day goes by that I do not miss you. I love you so much. My first mothers day without you but with you as I walk this mothers day classic with the kids and Matt.

Beatrice Polydor

This is to all mothers that's lost their lives due to breast cancer. especially mine. mum passed almost 3 years now. miss her dearly My sisters and I together with some of our cousins and friends will be thinking of her on this day.

Ruby Rhodes

Jen Philip-Wells, a fighter and survivor. So thankful we can share life’s special moments. Love you❤️ Mum, Kate and Paytes. Miss you so much. Living in my memories and hopeful that, one day, finding a cure for one, will find a cure for all.❤️❤️❤️

Dianne Russell

I'm doing this in memory of my beautiful daughter Renee, who sadly passed away 3 years ago on the 30th March 2018. My love for you will never die, your beautiful face will never fade and the hole in my heart will never mend. Love you forever my beautiful baby. xoxoxoxo

Dianne Russell

I'm doing this in memory of my beautiful daughter Renee, who sadly passed away 3 years ago on the 30th March 2018. My love for you will never die, your beautiful face will never fade and the hole in my heart will never mend. Love you forever my beautiful baby. xoxoxoxo

I'm doing this for my friend who is getting treatment for breast cancer. You are always in my thoughts. You are strong and will beat this. Lots love

Trisha Asselman

In memory of my amazing sister, Rosie Koelmeyer, who died from breast cancer 38 years ago, who I miss every day. You are always an inspiration to me.

Winsome Hall

To the wonderful Joy Palmer - a generous friend, union stalwart and fund trustee. Joy sought to make the world a better place for all.

Baubies Jelly Bellies - Noelene

We are doing this for you Noelene 💞💞 We love and miss you every day xx 💞💞 From Mum and Your loving sisters - Cathy - Karen- Kerry xx

Roslyn Harris

I'm walking for my Auntie Roma who has survived a double mastectomy.


Helping others to not go through what you did Mum xxx Miss you so much xxx

In Memory of Roxanne Carroll 1973/2020 who created Angels Abreast 15 years ago.

Shell Westwood

I dedicate my participation to my beautiful Mum, Beverly, you taught me so much and pushed me to do more than I ever thought I was capable of, I miss you so much 💕

It is 20 years this year that we lost you Mum and I still think of you every day and wish you were able to be here with us. You have missed so much. This year I am to become a grandmother for the first time and I remember how much you loved being one. You were dearly loved and are sorely missed.

Laura Russell

Kelli. Losing you this week was a big shock. You were so brave to just keep going like you weren’t sick. You will be missed by so many my sweet friend. X

Altman Family

Jane Altman Much loved & always in our thoughts We miss you & still can’t believe we’ll never see you again ❤️❤️❤️ xxxxx

I am doing this for my auntie that I lost a few years ago

Amy Muscat

I’m doing this for my Mum. Melissa McBride 1972 - 2016 We will walk in our pink tutus as we remember you xxx

Sally Black

Remembering and honouring my beautiful Nana - you will always inspire! Aunty, your strength and courage is inspirational. Love.❤

Sally Black

Always for my beautiful mum, missing you for 20yrs! We remember because you gave us memories too beautiful to forget. I love you, always.❤


This is for your Gma. We are missing you always xx


Love you mum, Happy Mother’s Day xxx

Renee Russell

My BFF Renee, we will continue this for you. Love you and miss you so much

Teri Yendall

Always loved


I still hear you, I still miss you, I still love you Grandma

Lorna Lane

Love and miss you everyday xx