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As a volunteer, you will

  • Gain a sense of community and connection to others
  • Have the opportunity to enhance your social and relationship skills
  • Improve your own health and wellbeing by countering the effects of stress
  • Be happier and improve your self-confidence
  • Be able to work on your own interpersonal skills as well as gain better communication, organisational and managerial skills.
  • Have fun and enjoy a sense of fulfilment
  • Be proud of contributing to a great cause

If you have registered as a volunteer previously you can check or change your details here.

Mother's Day Classic 2017 Volunteers

Volunteer Advice

How to get the most out of your experience;

  • Make sure you know your role and what you need to do
  • Ask questions to ensure the role you’ve been allocated works for both you and us
  • Be willing to try something new or different
  • Enjoy yourself! If you are having fun, so will the people you meet
  • Be willing to make some new friends

There are four ways you can volunteer;

  • Directly at the event
  • On a committee organising the event
  • On the day of or day before the event
  • Offering your specialised skills to benefit MDC

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