Volunteer with Mother's Day Classic!


No matter how much time you have available, or the type of skills and experience you have or don't have, you can volunteer! 

Volunteers are vital to the success of Mother's Day Classic events, and each year thousands of people across Australia contribute valuable skills, time and energy in a range of capacities to help bring these events to life.

There are many reasons and motivations behind why people volunteer, and there are so many ways you can get involved.

Help out on event day

Join an organising committee that works year-round

Help out in the month before event day

Help out in the MDC office during the year when needed

Submit an Expression of Interest

Do you belong to a club, association, group or team looking for unique and meaningful volunteering experience?

Does your workplace offer a corporate volunteering program that could support MDC?

Are you connected to an education institution that promotes volunteering as part of formal learning or as an extracurricular activity?

Have a question before you apply? Email volunteer@mothersdayclassic.com.au