Community Ambassadors

Mother’s Day Classic Community Ambassadors help to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research by sharing their breast cancer story.

Whether they have been affected directly or indirectly, our community ambassadors are passionate about helping in any way they can to spread the word and make a difference.

By sharing real breast cancer stories from around Australia, we can encourage more and more Australians to participate, fundraise and support those affected by breast cancer.

 Mother’s Day Classic Community Ambassadors can choose to support us in several different ways:

  • Promoting the MDC through their networks
  • Fundraising for breast cancer research
  • Sharing their story with the media
  • Sharing their story on the MDC website and social channels
  • Speaking at local events in the lead up to Mother’s Day

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Meet some of our community ambassadors


“At the start you are vulnerable and then once you come out of it you realise that everybody has some story. It’s about how you deal with it that makes the real difference.”

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“That first year that I participated mum had been told that because she was young and healthy, she had a fighting chance.  So, I participated in MDC to show her my support, and she showed me her support by meeting me at the finish line”.

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“I was young, healthy and had no family history. I never thought in a million years I’d be diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29”

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