The brightest dawn comes after the darkest night

09 Feb 2018

For most people, the fear surrounding breast cancer comes from getting it, for those who’ve had breast cancer that fear comes from it returning. In 2011 Dawn Gleeson underwent treatment for breast cancer, the treatment worked and she was declared cancer free, then in April last year, it came back.

Gleeson is the wife of Trevor Gleeson, coach of NBL team the Perth Wildcats.

“The Perth MDC event is very near and dear to us and it’s always an opportunity for me to reflect. Last year was extra special as I was re-diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time in April last year so 2017 was very good timing for me to spend the morning with all of those that will help me get through the battle ahead,” she said.

Dawn has been involved in the Mother’s Day Classic since 2013, even spending time as a volunteer on the committee. Trevor has been an ambassador for the Perth event for the past three years.

Not just content with attending the Perth MDC event Dawn has thrown her energy into fundraising.

“I didn’t have any expectations in terms of how much money I could possibly raise. I started with a goal of $500 and wanted to put together the largest friends and family team,” she said.

Dawn well and truly exceeded her $500 goal, last year raising $4000. She did this by being honest about her breast cancer journey.

Dawn’s top five tips for fundraising

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask people to donate, they will!
  2. Share your reasons in terms of why it’s important to you to get people interested.
  3. Use social media… ask your contacts to share your fundraising page.
  4. Use your contacts, be it work and social to spread your fundraising page.
  5. Thank each donation sponsor personally, if possible.