Cushla Maker – My fundraising tips

14 Feb 2018

Late in 2016, Cushla Maker decided she’d challenge herself with a fun run and enter the Mother’s Day Classic. Then in April at just 29 years of age, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and Mother’s Day Classic entry became about much more than a fun run.

“After been diagnosed I researched about breast cancer and couldn’t believe the statistics and how many women it affects every year,” she said. “After realising the event was to raise money for breast cancer, I really wanted to help and try to do my part for breast cancer. When I underwent treatment at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, the support offered for breast cancer was amazing and I felt I needed to give something back.”

Mrs Maker set up a fundraising page and got to work. Her initial goal was to raise $1500, but when she started sharing her story it became clear that she’d need a new goal. After creating her fundraising page she simply told her story.

“I advertised my page on Facebook and set a goal of $1500. Within a couple of hours I had reached my goal and set myself a higher goal,” she said. “The generosity of people was overwhelming and within a few days, I had reached my new goal. In the end, we ended up raising around $4400 and I couldn’t have been happier.”

“By being open about my journey I hoped people, whether they knew someone with breast cancer or not, would relate and donate to help with further research.”

Maker’s five fundraising tips:

  1. Be open and honest about why you want to raise money and what you are hoping to achieve.
  2. Share your journey with breast cancer if you have one, this helps people connect with your story.
  3. Add a photo to your profile so people can see who they are fundraising for.
  4. Advertise your page on Facebook, via email etc as much often you can. The more people that see your story, the more money you will raise.
  5. Talk about your page to family and friends and tell them how you are going. They will be your biggest supporters and donators.