Post work out stretches

with Helen Sian India

Running, walking and movement is incredibly beneficial for our bodies, but we’ve all experienced the muscle cramps afterwards… stretching and relaxing is an important yet powerful way to satisfy our fitness and wellness goals. Our bodies must adapt to any kind of rigourous movement and it often takes its toll on our necks, shoulders, hips and knees - the good news is all it takes is finding what works for you and we hope to show you some feel-good poses here!

We’ve teamed up with Helen Sian India here as she walks us through some simple and glorious stretches to help ease some aches and pains in less than 5 minutes whilst soothing our soul, so we can finish off our walk or run with brightness, energy and satisfaction. 


Try this after each run to ease out any built up tension in your hips, quads and hammies. Start in a low lunge and shuffle your front foot out to the side of the mat so both hands rest on the inside of your foot. Turn your foot out slightly and sink your hips to the floor. Stay here for a few breaths or as long as you can!

Toe Pose

This is a great pose to do before your run to warm up your tootsies, and especially relieving after if you find your feet sometimes cramp up. Start on all fours again with your toes tucked under and slowly bring your weight back so you can sit up. Stay here with gentle pressure on your feet for a few breaths (I know you’ll feel it!!) and slowly uncurl your toes to sit back onto your feet. Next, lean your weight back so your knees pick up off the floor and hold here, stretching your ankles for a few breaths like in the image below.

Wide Leg Forward Fold

This feels incredible if you have a tight lower back and your hamstrings usually get tight after working out! Start standing and step your feet out about a leg's distance. Keep your toes pointed forward and hinging by the hips, lean forward to bring your fingertips to the floor if you can. Resting them on your shins or above your knees is fine too! Stay here for a few breaths and enjoy.

Lying Cow Face

This looks funny but packs a punch - it stretches your glutes, hips, calves and lower back and feels amazing. Hug your knees into your chest as you lie down and cross your ankles, reach round to grab each foot whilst keeping your ankles crossed. Reach your arms out to guide your feet away from each other and stay here for a few breaths before swapping the crossing of your ankles and repeat.


This is a challenge but feels so great when running. Come to balance on one foot, bending the other leg and grabbing the foot behind you. Breathe in to reach your other hand in-front of you, and breathe out to lean forward and push your hand into your foot. Yumm stretch!

Standing Downward Dog

You can do this mid-run or after, depending on how your body is feeling throughout. Stand about a leg distance away from a tree, fence or table and place your hands on the top (you might need to lean forward to do this). As you breathe out, drop your chest to the floor and push your bum back. If you need you can bend your knees, just make sure you’re getting your back nice and flat. Hold here for a few breaths, dropping your head between your shoulders.

And that’s it! Some simple but mightily effective stretches to help you feel better as you run whilst nurturing your inner self. When we slow down and love our bodies in a calm and mindful way, our minds thank us. So even if you’re not running or going for a walk today, show yourself some attention with some caring, relaxing yoga and you’ll feel yourself brighten and your load lift.

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