Jess’s story: early intervention is key

06 Oct 2021

Throughout October (breast cancer awareness month), we’re sharing real stories from our community to help raise awareness and spread the word.

MDC Community Ambassador Jess Braude, loves being a part of the MDC community because she’s passionate about raising awareness and funds for a cause so close to her heart.

In 2016, Jess and her sister had undergone genetic testing to see if they carry mutations in the breast cancer BRCA1 or BRCA2. Both were found to have inherited a BRCA2 gene mutation from their father which meant that they had a higher risk of developing breast, ovarian and other cancers. 

Since learning about the gene, Jess formulated a plan for the future which included a double mastectomy and having her ovaries removed after having kids. But Jess’ plan needed to adjust quickly when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer the following year. 

Jess hadn’t had children at this stage so booked in for a lumpectomy straight away, followed by a round of IVF and then started chemotherapy. Four of Jess’ twelve embryos did not have the gene, meaning that it could be screened out. In May this year, Jess and her husband welcomed their baby girl Margot into the world.

"My baby definitely does not have the BRCA gene, which is the best news ever"

Jess’ story highlights the importance of being proactive and taking action early. She's passionate about encouraging other women to know their bodies and to get checked as soon they notice anything out of the ordinary.