Kristy Woodlands – Classic Fundraising Champion

Posted by admin on 26 October 2018

In 2018 we welcome Kristy Woodlands into the Mother’s Day Classic Fundraising Champions ($25,000 in a single year). Kristy and ‘Team Woody’ achieved this amazing feat in part by holding a high tea event to raise funds for breast cancer research. Kristy Woodlands is been a dedicated supporter and ambassador for the Mother’s Day Classic and we cannot thank her enough for all the she and Team Woody do to help the cause. We look forward to seeing you in 2019!

We asked Kristy why she is so passionate about being involved with the Mother’s Day Classic:

“So why did I get involved?

It was my beautiful friend, Julie Salvatore, who introduced me to the Mother’s Day Classic (MDC).  I had recently been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, I was going through Chemo and she invited myself and my mum to come along for the walk.  I started fundraising just by posting on Facebook.

The next year is when I got serious. I loved the vibe of the day, so I looked into the MDC a bit closer and really liked what I found.  I love that all funds raised go to research and that the researchers who receive the funding are advertised on the site, state by state.

I also wanted to start to raise awareness.  I always thought of breast cancer as something that happens when you are older and happens to ‘someone else’!  As I found out, this is not the case. I wanted to spread my story to make people see that they may not be able to avoid getting cancer or any other disease… but if they can listen to their bodies and catch it early then they might greatly improve their chances of surviving or living with the disease instead of dying from it.

So Julie and I got together to discuss our plan.  Three things were important to us:

1. Raise awareness
2. Raise vital funds
3. Give back for people donating their hard earned cash.

And from there Team Woody and our annual High Tea baby was created 🙂

I would like to thank Wendy Ingman for sharing crucial research at our High Tea, the Mother’s Day Classic team for supporting us in many different ways (you know who you are) and especially Thomay Gatis (MDC Chair in Adelaide) for her support, advice and friendship.”

Kristy Woodlands