2022 Mother's Day Classic Competitions

Receive your first donation and go into the draw to win one of 20 pairs of HOKA - now closed

Winners: H. Kelly, T. Hyde, R. Binding, M. Micic-Smith, J. Coulter, M. Manuele, C. Griffiths, A. Suri, S. Jenkins, B. Chpa, K. Doyle. J. Lainson, D. Bray, A. Pattison, A. Rooney, J. Jenson, E. Cunningham, C. McManamon, P. Danaher, S. Mumford

Mother's Day Classic Feedback Survey - Beats Studio Buds wireless noise cancelling headphones thanks to ME - now closed


D. Young, H. Staer, A. Snell, J. Edsall, C. Bramley.

ME and Mamamia - now closed

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Stop Breast Cancer Day - now closed

Winners: L. McKay, K. Barcak, K. Visagie, S. Barnes, O. Talbert

Log your fitness activity for your chance to win a Fitbit - now closed

Week 1 winner: H. McNicol    Week 2 winner: K. Graham

Week 3 winner: T. Minchin     Week 4 winner: L. Nutley

Week 5 winner: D. Shepherd  Week 6 winner: T. Drahonchuk

Register to win a $5,000 gift card with The New Daily - now closed

Winner: S. Storey

Invite a friend to join you in the Mother's Day Classic - now closed

Winners: C. Kouris, B. Rixon, G. Ormiston, H. McNicol, B. Bolden, K. Ranner, J. Brenac, L. Perlinger, W. Kay, C. Hancock

Win a Year of HOKA Gear! - now closed

Winners (Facebook): A. Dunn & L. Dobrin

Winner (Instagram): C. Bullard

Raise $55 or more to be entered in the draw to win an endota spa Gift Card - now closed

Winner: I. Warren-Hicks

Register your family and go in the draw to win a Springfree trampoline - now closed

Winner: M. Stock

Register and be in the running to win 1 of 10 Target $1,000 gift cards (March) - now closed

Winners: M.Caruana, T.Brabyn, B.Nicholls, C.Jones, A.Navaratnam, S.Finch, N.Hunter, J.Pinchbeck, P.O'Keeffe, H.Petrovic

Raise more than $25 for your chance to WIN! - now closed

Winner: M. Walker

Register and be in the running to win 1 of 10 Target $1,000 gift cards (February) - now closed

Winners: O.Avriel, J.Spry, R.yeates, M.Grusman, L.Buttie, A.Hunt, R.Bayliss, M.Steyn, B.Kirkwood, S.Miller