Running Mums Australia (RMA)

Supporting Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research

I'm putting my foot down to stop breast and ovarian cancers in their tracks!

Support our efforts in the 2024 Mother’s Day Classic!

Our team is participating in the Mother's Day Classic, Sunday 12 May!

Together, we'll be lacing up our running shoes and taking a step forward for women's cancer research, and we'd really love your support!

We're walking the talk and joining the Mother’s Day Classic to help raise funds and awareness to fight breast and ovarian cancers.  

Tragically, 12 Australians lose their lives to these awful diseases every day. 

Please make a donation today to support our team. There’s only one way to stop breast and ovarian cancers - together!

Thank you for supporting our team.

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Matt & Michelle

Awesome work Jas and Eila! Wishing you luck and sending lots of love xo


David & Annie


Simon Colebrook

Amazing work! Well done.


Kerry Mcconnell


Jasmine Nottle

So proud of you Eila ❤️ Mum and Dad


Damian Jones


Lisa Martin


Thomas Clark

Well done



Wow Jas!! Amazing.


Simon Julian

You’re awesome Jas 💪


Daniel Jones


Mel Ryan

You’re an amazing inspiration Jas. I hope you and Eila enjoy it.


Jenna & Aaron Trombetta

You are amazing Jas and hope you both have a wonderful run! xxx


Martin Rumsby

Have a good run Jas and Eila


Josh Rumsby

Well done Jas and Eila.


Tash Cuthbert


Nicole Goodway


Rachel Johnson


Brooke Potter

You are unstoppable Jas 🩷


Abby Nygren

Love your work Jas! xx


Solina Merlino


Katie Costa

Go Jas and Eila!! 🙌🙌


Candy Schwarze



Karen Hapgood


The Fuss Crew Xxx


Jade Rumsby



Jill May

Go Jas!



A beautiful legacy and memory for your mum. So happy you are healthy and kicking cancers butt. X


Skye Burton


Candice Connolly

Well done Jas and Eila xx


Tricia Piwanski

Great job Jas.



Great work Jas


Ali Hanlin

Go well Jas and Eila!


Hayley Falcinella

Great job Jas!


Nate And Asha Falcinella

Good luck Eila!!



For those of us that have fought this disease, those of us who are currently fighting and for those that are yet to be diagnosed. Sending love and strength and remembering those now longer with us. Go well Jas and Eila 💕


Danielle Nowak


Amber Piwanski

Well done Jas , wishing you all the best!!


Sarah Spicer

You are such an inspiration Jas. Your beautiful Mum would be so proud of you always. x


Amy Mckenzie



Amazing work Jasmine!!

Christian T

Hunter T

Asher T

Lucy W

Mitch W