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Supporting Breast Cancer Research

I'm putting my foot down to stop breast cancer in its tracks!

Wow!!! Thank you!

I am so incredibly humbled and overwhelmed with the support and donations from family and friends and friends of friends. I reached my personal fundraising goal yesterday, so  I’ve increased it as I’m determined more than ever to stop cancer in its tracks and to raise as much money for this important charity before May! Thank you to everyone who has joined the team or shown their support in the way of a donation! It is greatly appreciated and given me a spring in my step! 

Help me Crush Cancer

Hi there, I'm Crissy! I'm a 37-year-old queer woman and I’ve always dreamed of being a mother.

On October 31st last year, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, an aggressive cancer that affects many young women under 40. 

At the time of my diagnosis, my partner Aimee and I were doing IVF and I was trying to have our baby. This diagnosis turned our whole world upside down. All of a sudden, I was struggling between accepting cancer but also grieving my dream to carry a baby. 

I’ve currently done 9 chemo sessions with 7 to go, and it’s been a really challenging few months since diagnosis. 
I have a wonderful medical team and so appreciative (oncologist, doctor and nurses) of everyone at The Epworth, that are saving my life. There’s still surgery and radiation to go, but I determined to crush it. 

It goes without saying, that I’m so grateful for my incredible partner, Aimee, who has cared for and loved me through all of cancer's challenges. My family and friends have been wonderful, accompanying me to chemo sessions and providing Aimee and I with much-needed emotional support. I'm also deeply thankful for my wonderful and supportive workplace. 

So this year, I’m participating in the Mother’s Day Classic for several reasons. Firstly, as I have active breast cancer, so it feels important to support the charity and raise awareness of a disease that affects so many women. By the time of the event, I will have just finished chemo and have just completed surgery that week. Additionally, this year’s MDC event also supports ovarian cancer, and we lost one of my best friends’ mum to this disease when we were teenagers.

I also want to complete this walk on Mother’s Day this year, because I still have hope that one day I will be a mother and I’d like to start this tradition for my future and expanding family.
 I know, my path to motherhood looks difference now, since cancer, but I’m not giving up hope and I’m so determined for my future kids. 

Please join me this year in raising awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation by participating in the Mother’s Day walk and supporting me to Crush Cancers ass! 

Support my efforts in the 2024 Mother’s Day Classic!

On Sunday 12 May, I'm putting my foot down to save lives.

I'll be lacing up my running shoes and taking a step forward for women's cancer research, and I'd really love your support!

I’m joining the Mother’s Day Classic to help raise funds and awareness to fight breast and ovarian cancers.  

Tragically, 12 Australians lose their lives to these awful diseases every day. 

I’m asking you to do more than just stand with me but to support me as I walk, run, and move till we’re done. 

Please make a donation today to support my challenge. There’s only one way to stop breast and ovarian cancers - together!

For more information on how your donations will make a difference, please click here.

Thank you for your support.

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The Pratt Foundation




Andrew Patrick Shades


Poppy Deague

Go Miss Campagna!! You’ve got this Xxxxxxxx


Hayley Bedson

Keep smashing life Crissy! You are truely an incredibly brave and strong Wonder Woman! Sending you all my love and support xox


Mima Piccolo

With Much Love to you Cristina


Laura & Josh Kannourakis

Sending so much love! We think you are amazing! Xxoxxx




292 Co. Pty Ltd

Having lost a close family member to breast cancer this cause is close to our heart. Best of luck with your treatment & the event!


Tavis Shearer



Sending love and prayers to you Crissy.


Marcus Campagna

Great cause Crissy!! Wishing you all the best


Harriet Dwyer & Jono Downey

In awe of your courage. Sending strength, love and light.


Julie E

Sending love and strength Gorgeous


Rosalba Longo


Tavis Shearer


Kerry Cummings

Beat wishes Cris


Richard Campagna


Tim Santa

Onya Babs! Smashing it!


Hugh And Chalk


Julia & Tom

Crissy, you are amazing! We’re thinking of you, sending you all of our love and looking forward to seeing you soon. X


Wade And Liz M


Grafico Group

Best of luck with your journey! Congrats on raising so much $$$ 👏👏👏


Nicole Mccracken


Alice + Josh Brougham

Sending lots and lots of love Crissy xx


The Hickey’s



Wayne Cornell


Ombretta And John Portelli

Sending you our love and best wishes. Ombretta and John


The Patching’s


Lynn Cummings

Always in my thoughts Crissie xx


Nick Vitale


Richard Jefferies


Adam Rozenbachs

Thinking of you. You got this Cris! Xx


Jane Mccormack

Sending you love & see you on the walk🩷✨


The Fattens

Go Crissy gal xxx amazing and courageous woman. You got this!! Love, the Fattens (Alice, Hugo, Vivi & Roy boy)


Philip Mccormack

Wishing you courage & strength & sending love 🩷👟


Gaye Hawnt

Such a worthy cause. Our love & prayers for. Full recovery darling Cristina. XXX


Sophie Fransella

Sending lots of love and support xx


Fran Pusmucans

Crush it Crissy! love Fran.


Diane Ludeman

For all the brave women , who have survived or are still fighting and you Cristina are in a league of your own for your positivity. Love to Amy and you as you both fight this battle together. You are in our thoughts and prayers much love Di and Keith xx



Woof you Mum, love Juno


Jess Higgins

Love you CC x


Samantha Kozica

Amazing Crissy! You are an inspiration to us all. Xx


Sara Walsh


Irene Hinsley

Good luck. Irene


Peter Stach


Ashley & Gg


Jo Clancy

Fight like a girl! You’ve got this. 💪🏻💞


Amy Lunardi

Amazing effort xxx


Pat & Em Halpin

Thinking of you!


Pete Heel


Karina Leddin

Sending you BIG love, hugs and kisses xx


Alexandra Theodorakis

Love you and so proud of you and your strength! Keep crushing this!! Xxx



Your strength is limitless. You’ve got this 💪🏻


Alex M



Chris W

You’ve got this Crissy! Your strength and determination is so admirable xx




Chris Downey

Hey Crissy, so sorry to hear you’re going through this but well done on taking it on and sharing your story with others and raising awareness 💪. All the best! Crowney x


Alyssia Storey


Bianca Pannunzio


Tamara Ott

Go Crissy! Such resilience and determination so I’m all for supporting you and donating to crush cancer!


John Sette

Good luck and sending you nothing but well wishes!


Whitney Mclaren

In awe of your strength and courage! So much love xxx


Karli Hayes

So proud of you!! You are incredible xx


Jen Q

Crush it babe xx




Connie Morabito



🥰🥰 You got this x


Giselle Tooth

Such an inspiration, go Cristina! Love you lots x


Adrienne Huggins

Sending lots of love Cris!! Xxx


Belle Robbins

You've got this beautiful 💪🏻❤️


Lily Thornton


Simon & Nicola

Thinking of you x


Tina Yap


Georgie Mardling



Ash Lloyd

Sending so much love and strength Crissy xxx


Ellie Geddis

Sending much love Crissy, Ellie x


Karla Dawes

Go girl go! X


Liv Cosgrave

You’ve got this Crissy!💜


Justine H

Love and strength, Woo. ❤️❤️


Christian Mazzotta

Wishing you the very best cousin. Crush it!! X


Marina Mazzotta


Pauline Harry

Good Luck Christina.. my heart is with you❤️❤️



Go girl!!


Adrian Starnawski


Alex Aposto

Admiring your strength and courage as you beat this thing!!!


Bron Joseph

Thinking of you Crissy and sending love and positive energy X


Jo Nestor

Sending love and strength your way xx


George Balmer



Tasara Dewhurst

Love you Chrissie!!! You’ve got this ❤️❤️❤️


Kristen And Eamon Keena

Go Cristina!! All the best with the fundraising and walk! Xx




Bridget Grundy


Alexa Petrucelli


Lucas Perry

I’m sorry I can’t donate more at this time, but I’m really stoked to see the attitude with which you are fighting this challenge. Go!



Love you my strong, amazing and inspiring woman of all women ♥️

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