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All proceeds are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to fund life-saving breast cancer research. Since 1994, NBCF has invested over $181 million into 557 research projects to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Their goal is zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030 and the more we can raise, the faster we will get there.

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Classic Champions & legends

Classic Champions and Legends are participants who have raised over $25K and $100k, respectively, for the Mother’s Day Classic over the years. We thank them for their amazing dedication to helping find a cure for breast cancer.

NB: Unfortunately, we don’t have records for the years before 2008, however we would like to offer the opportunity for long-time fundraisers to email us to tell us if they have raised more than $25,000 over time and in which case they may also be included in the club. Please email:

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