Walk or run this Mother's Day!

Put your foot down for breast and ovarian cancer research

  • Roseanne Martin just donated $31.80
  • Subakthi Basnayake just donated $106
  • Jeannette Garner just donated $14.50
  • Gina Helmers just donated $31.80
  • Ngoc Tran just donated $50
  • An Tran just donated $50
  • Jill Maitland just donated $118.84
  • Louise Whitewood just donated $4.39
  • Caryl just donated $58.30
  • Ninette Cocca just donated $70.72
  • Jolyn just donated $38.16
  • Alvi just donated $21.20
  • Mick & Trish PHILLIPS just donated $50
  • Nic McCollum just donated $20
  • Dominic & Marisa Cutugno just donated $50
  • Kathleen just donated $100
  • Nikita Fagan just donated $30
  • Cat Chow just donated $106
  • Steven and Anita Tole just donated $106
  • Thomas Fax just donated $53

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Put your foot down for breast AND ovarian cancer research

Since 1998, Mother’s Day Classic has donated $44 million to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

This year, we’re going one step further by also raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

From this day on, we’ve made it our mission to stop both ovarian cancer and breast cancer in their tracks.

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Last year we achieved....

$2.55 million

donated to breast cancer research in 2023

65,000 participants

across Australia


Raising funds and awareness for breast and ovarian cancer research

26 years

donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

$44 million

donated since 1998

1,651,245 participants

over 26 years Australia-wide

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