Team Titties

Supporting Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research

I'm putting my foot down to stop breast and ovarian cancers in their tracks!

Support our efforts in the 2024 Mother’s Day Classic!

Our team is participating in the Mother's Day Classic, Sunday 12 May!

Together, we'll be lacing up our running shoes and taking a step forward for women's cancer research, and we'd really love your support!

We're walking the talk and joining the Mother’s Day Classic to help raise funds and awareness to fight breast and ovarian cancers.  

Tragically, 12 Australians lose their lives to these awful diseases every day. 

Please make a donation today to support our team. There’s only one way to stop breast and ovarian cancers - together!

Thank you for supporting our team.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Daniel Munk

Melinda you are a champion, what a great group to support


St Marys Diggers And Band Club

From the Board of Directors



Love you darling 💋


Big Sis

Go Sis! So proud of you 💖


Janet Hardy


Stimson Urban & Regional Planning

Good luck with the fundraising!!


Narelle And Matt Bolton

Go team Titties !!!!!!


Maddi Bevan


Candice Elson-white

Go team Tities! Love your work beautiful women xx


Faye Aboghazaleh

Can I join your team please


Marlene Shipley


Amanda Shephers


Tanya Hill


Katherien Joy Bacus


Christine Monjal

You go girl!🤩🤩


Linda & Tony Thomas


Tayla Welsh



Julie Mcnamara

Well done Mel xo


Julie Mcnamara

Well done Mars xo



Wish you the best with your cause. 👍


Natalie Grima

You’re awesome 💗


S&r Brunner

Great cause Amanda. 😊


Amanda Storek



Go girl!


Mat Johns

Hey Amanda I wish you luck in achieving your goal to help stop cancer.


Jenny Prestage

Good luck beautiful.


Tania Fisher

Good luck gorgeous on the walk xoxo Great cause

Craig B

Zach M

Kristian S

Victor S

Nick D