Friends & Family Teams

Take the step with your friends and family to join a team this Mother’s Day Classic. Get active, support each other and raise awareness and funds for breast and ovarian cancer research.

How to kick-start your involvement:

It's quick and easy to create a team, simply follow the steps below.

Register Your Team

Take the first step by signing up online and creating a team. You can personalise your Team page with a photo, name and bio on your Team’s fundraising page. You can be as creative as you like, the more engaging the page the better.

Invite Friends & Family

As you register you can register and pay for your friends, or register yourself and invite your friends to join your team. If you choose not to pay for your team members, you can send one of our pre-written emails from your Dashboard.

Ask For Donations

Share your Team Fundraising URL with your wider community and ask them to help you fund breast and ovarian cancer research. Remind them that each donation over $2 is tax-deductible! Don’t forget to thank your donors for their generosity!

Next Steps

Access our Team Leader Toolkit for all the tips and tricks on creating a great team experience to help get everyone fundraising.

Spread the word

Print posters to display around your community. school, workplace or gym and explore more of our exclusive resources to promote that you're participating and fundraising for the Mother’s Day Classic.

Get Training

Walk, run, or move together! Get the team spirit moving by organising training sessions together. You can also measure your kilometres on the Mother’s Day Classic dashboard.

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Pink Casual Day

Host a creative fundraiser such as a cake stall, game night, or fun raffle. Fill out our easy Authority to Fundraise Form to get started.

Get your outfits ready

You can have a lot of fun dressing up with friends and family on the day. There are prizes for best dressed and creative dressups are encouraged.


Register now

to raise funds and awareness for vital breast and ovarian cancer research