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Posted by admin on 29 March 2019

Make your Mother’s Day mean more and join us!

The Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic is back for 2019 with 44 days to go until Australia turns several shades of PINK walking and running to raise funds for vital breast cancer research!

Did you know that 53 Australian women will be told today they have breast cancer and another 53 women tomorrow[1]? The Mother’s Day Classic brings us all together to ensure that there will be a different tomorrow for those touched by breast cancer.

On Mother’s Day in cities and towns across Australia, mums, dads, kids, families and friends will gather to remember and support loved ones affected by breast cancer. Come along and join your community to make your Mother’s Day mean even more.

Be sure to register and start fundraising, and get your runners and pinkest outfit ready for Sunday morning 12 May. Don’t forget that our early bird prices are closing on Sunday 31 March so there is no time to waste!

The Mother’s Day Classic is not like any other walk/run event.

“Mother’s Day Classic is not about breaking speed records. We are all about delivering a fun and inspirational community event that involves celebrating and supporting those touched by this disease,” MDC Foundation CEO Sharon Morris said.

“With early bird discounts and family-friendly activities on the day, the Mother’s Day Classic is a great way to start a special day of celebration with your whole family.”

“It’s also about fundraising and our goal is to reach $2.1m for life-saving breast cancer research this year. We need the Australian community to help us get there,” Ms Morris said.

As the major fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the MDC has contributed more than $35.3 million to breast cancer research.  See some of our inspirational Researcher and Ambassador team below:

Dr Clare Slaney PhD (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne) is a senior research fellow, NBCF ECD Fellow and 2018 Mavis Robertson Fellow researching the interaction between the immune system and breast cancer, and the use of immunotherapy to treat breast cancer. This includes the use of genetically modified T cells (CAR T cells) to treat solid cancers and cancer spread. Clare believes they will be ready for clinical trials in the not so distant future but more funding is needed.

One of the reasons she chose to work in this field is because a close family friend passed away with breast cancer just before her graduation.

Prof Bogda Koczwara is a medical oncologist and a senior staff specialist at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (Adelaide, S.A.) Her NBCF funded project is focussed on improving management of chronic conditions in breast cancer patients and survivors. Understanding the origin of chronic conditions in breast cancer and the mechanism for their development may offer insight into prevention of not just chronic conditions but cancer itself.

“Australia has some of the best medical researchers in the world. Thanks to the work of researchers and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, we’re in a much stronger position than we were when MDC first started,” MDC CEO Sharon Morris said.

Kristy Woodlands (Adelaide)

Mother’s Day Classic Fundraising Champion Kristy Woodlands was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago and with the invaluable support of friends she got t through it and achieved a cancer-free result. When doctors told her in 2016 that the cancer had spread to her spine, they were there for Kristy again.

“I always thought of breast cancer as something that happens when you are older and happens to ‘someone else’!  As I found out, this is not the case. I wanted to spread my story to make people see that they may not be able to avoid getting cancer or any other disease.”

A dear friend invited Kristy and her mum to come along for the MDC walk.  She researched the MDC a bit closer and really liked what she found and started fundraising just by posting on Facebook. Kristy raises funds and awareness every year now through Team Woody and her annual High Tea.

Jovanka Hawkins (Perth)

Young mother of two Jovanka Hawkins is adamant nothing will stand in her way when she makes her Mother’s Day mean more this year by participating in the MDC on 12 May. When she was diagnosed in 2015, Jovanka was just 29 with two daughters under the age of three. Since then it has been a difficult time with six surgeries, aggressive chemo rounds and a double mastectomy, followed by reconstructive surgery.

“I wake up every single day and tell myself how grateful I am for my life, but it’s tough sometimes. The treatment was gruelling and it’s difficult to forget.”

Vivienne Interrigi (Melbourne)

Family therapist and mum of two teenagers, Vivienne was diagnosed with breast cancer on International Women’s Day last year and has been on a rollercoaster journey ever since from surgery, chemo, radiation therapy, cold capping and now monthly injections. Like many others in our community, it has been life-changing for Viv and her family.

“It was like going from hell and back and I was very much aware of the impact it would have on my family.”

Whilst back working and with ongoing treatment, Viv is also volunteering at the same hospital helping women currently undergoing chemotherapy. Viv is bringing all together to “Walk with Viv” this Mother’s Day.

This year’s Mother’s Day Classic walk + run will be held on Sunday 12 May across Australia in close to 90 locations, from capital cities, regional centres and remote towns all around Australia.

Register to walk or run today!


[1] https://breast-cancer.canceraustralia.gov.au/statistics